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If you haven't followed me since the beginning, you may have missed my 'Raising Bookworms' series when I just stared blogging. I wrote about; the Importance of Reading Aloud, Books I Love, and Homemade Books. Now that a whole year has passed since then, I thought I'd do a follow up of some more books we are loving at the moment. Today I've picked five of (almost 2 year old) Miss M's favourites, but I think children of all ages love some of these too!

Where is the Green Sheep? Mem Fox

I swear I have seen my daughter almost 'reading' this book. To quote her...

Car sheep, train sheep, green sheep?
Wave sheep, other sheep, green sheep?
Turn around ("turn the page" she was trying to say)
Moon sheep, star sheep... (and then she got distracted).

This is such a stunning book, beautiful illustrations and a simple yet cleverly written story. A well known Mem Fox classic! Visit Mem Fox's website here!

Rudie Nudie - Emma Quay

This is one of our favourites when we're getting ready for bed. Rudie Nudie was shortlisted for the CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) Book of the Year in 2012 and I remember my school students loving it! It's cheeky and funny and has lovely sing-song style text. Visit Emma Quay's website here.

Nursery Rhymes - Kate Toms

Miss M absolutely loves nursery rhymes at the moment, she has her favourites that she always asks for - Mary had a little lamb, Baa Baa black sheep and Humpty Dumpty just to name a few. When we read this collection of Nursery Rhymes she always likes to look for her favourites. Kate Tom's hand stitched illustrations are just charming - I really love many of her books.

Whose Teeth? Tail? House? Jeanette Rowe

This three-in-one, lift the flap book is another simple favourite. So great for language development, and it doesn't take long for little ones to know which animal is hiding underneath the flap.

Visit Jeanette Rowe's website here.

My First Body Book

This little one came in the 'Baby Reading Pack' from our local library as part of 'The Little Big Book Club'. Miss M is great with identifying body parts and this book really helped. It's got gorgeous photos and lots of detail - more than just body parts... 5 senses, counting fingers and toes, doing words.

Visit 'The Little Big Book Club' website here for many more great children's books divided into ages together with lots of activity ideas.

Do you have a two year old? What books are you loving at the moment?
Lauren :)


  1. We love Where is the Green Sheep? And funnily enough we just read Rudie Nudie at our local library this week - good picks!

  2. I've never seen these books! I will have to look for them at my local library. Thanks for the list. I'm #50 at the No Time For Flashcards Link Party.

    1. Thanks for visiting my via the link up Heaven Smiling ;)

  3. Excellent books ideas. My almost 2 years old favorite is Green eggs and ham this week.

    1. Gotta love the Dr Seuss classics! Thanks for stopping by Lili :)


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