7 Easter Gifts that AREN'T Chocolate

Most parents these days are conscious of how much chocolate they give their little people - babies are advised to avoid it all together and toddlers may have the tiny piece now and then. Easter is a time of year when we all want to spoil our little ones, and these days there are some great alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies as gifts.

Here are 7 ideas I've found - not sponsored.

1. Egg and Spoon Race Kit - from Woolies.
(I had the idea of hiding little things inside these eggs)

2. Plastic Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt - from Woolies
(and a super cute basket to put them all in)

3. Mugs & Egg Cups
(or plates, bowels, cups, cutlery etc)

4. Easter themed play dough kit - from Woolies.
(I've mentioned before play dough is one of Miss M's favourite things at the moment)

5. Soft toys
(this is a collection of Miss M's Easter toys from previous years)

6. New (warm - if you live in my part of the world) PJs
(I've the idea of making this a tradition every year. Great gift idea for the grandparents to give)
There's are just a few from Target (shop here - not sponsored)

7. Books about Easter
Here's just a few...

And just because...
 I grew up with these old school Peter Rabbit books. My Nana used to give me one every birthday/Christmas until I had the whole collection. Anyone else remember these?

Happy Easter shopping! One week to go!



  1. Great ideas! I went with one book, one toy, one large choc bunny and one small egg. It is the perfect time of year to get winter PJs though, I'll be remembering that one!

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