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Hi everyone! Today I introduce another Aussie Blogger who's kindly offered to answer my interview questions. I've really enjoyed making these a monthly feature. If you missed my previous ones here they are...

Karina Lane's blog The Laney Files is a blog where she is "Getting Mummy Savvy", and maybe you can too! She has four young children including baby twins and has lots of parenting advice to share with her readers. Some of her latest posts have included; What NOT to say to a sleep deprived mumHow to help your child become more resilient and 8 Lesson my Threenager can teach me about life. Welcome Karina, thank you for agreeing to feature on Teacher Types today! :)

1. I loved your post – 7 easy ways to be happy in 2015. How is your 2015 going so far?

I have really challenged myself this year by continuing to work on my blog and hold down a part-time job. I would really love a career in writing so that’s why I’m pushing myself in this department. I’m a big believer in ‘if you want something, go for it.’ My husband is very bemused by my dreams and calls me a ‘go-getter’. But I say, if you never have a dream, how will you have a dream come true? So I’ve been really busy, sometimes too busy, but not once have I been tempted to stop writing. So I must be happy this way!

2. I am in absolute awe of how you get through the days with four children under 6 – including baby twins! What does a typical weekday look like for you?

Honestly, the day can go by in big blur. Someone is always up in the night, and someone always wakes up before 6am. Once all the kids are up, we prepare their breakfasts, which of course are three different meals! I try to get my coffee in at the front if the queue so my brain can start working. Getting the four kids out of the door on time for school drop-off  is extremely challenging.  The rest of the day is all about getting shopping done, finding time for some decent play, and making sure the babies get a sleep. Then, before I know it, it’s time to load the three kids back in the car to do the school pick-up! In some ways, my work days are good because I get a day off from this craziness!

3. How’s Mr B going since he started school?

He is loving school. I worried at first because he was in a class with no one he knew from pre-school. But he’s made friends and is coming home happy every day – and dirty! He is loving learning new words and going through the home readers with me every night. And I am loving watching him learn to read!

4. I love this quote I found on your blog “Coffee makes my world go round”. I too am a coffee addict. Anything else that makes your world go around?

Yes, without coffee, my world stops and starts and everything is blurry. I tried it once, when I ran out of coffee at home. I’ll never make that mistake again! Other than that, laughing with my family, cuddles with my kids, and catching up with friends also make my world go around. I also love writing, I get so much satisfaction from hitting ‘publish’.

5. You say on your ‘About Me’ page that you wear several different hats – mum, woman, wife, daughter, employee, (blogger). Tell us about what you do for work.

I work for Corrective Services. I am currently in the programs department, which coordinates the treatment programs for offenders and inmates. To mix things up a bit, I am going to be delivering programs in one of the jails, which means I will have direct contact with inmates. I used to do this before I had children and am looking forward to doing it again with a completely different perspective, now that I’ve got four kids.

6. What’s one of your favourite family outings or activities?

We are still not quite ready to take all four of the kids out at any one time. This week I took the twins and Miss P to playgroup and I found it quite stressful trying to watch all three of them wondering around, even if it was in an enclosed space! So I enjoy taking my big kids out to the park, beach or movies. It’s still pretty stressful but at least I can get coffee involved! Whoever gets left behind with the babies takes them for a walk. My husband and I love taking the boys out in the pram. Sometimes we have to draw straws for it, because we both want the easy job!

7. As I’m reading more and getting to know you – I realise we have a lot in common… My hubby and I met at a pub too! How long have you two been together?

We’ve been together nearly nine years, and married for four. Yes, we met in our local pub. It’s funny, because each of us had been going to that pub for years before we actually clocked each other. But if we had met sooner, it wouldn’t have worked, because we both had other things going on. I love the idea that we met when we were truly ready to fall in love. We’ve been in each other’s pockets since that night, really.

8. I see you started your blog in September 2014, so you’re about six months in. Where would you like to see your blog when you get to one year?

At one year, I’d love to have increased my readership substantially. I’d also love to be more at home with social media in order to promote it. I’m in a frustrating place – I have all these ideas and a big to-do list when it comes to blogging, but my time to actually work on them all comes in very small windows! So it’s going to be a slow and steady race, this one!

9. Can you please share with us a link to either your favourite post or one of your most popular posts?

My most popular post has been Secret Parenting Behaviour, which tells me a lot of mums must have been able to relate! This post was all about the ways I've changed since becoming a busy mum, including some ways I've let myself go! Only, I pretty much accept who I am now without much care. I've got better things to worry about these days than whether my legs are perfectly hairless! And because so many mums read the post, I don't feel alone with this behaviour! Great news!

10. Favourite quote?

I keep coming back to this quote, which I think is so true:

For me, funny stories are always borne of those insane, hair-pulling moments!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful answers Karina! And best of luck with your blogging goals!
Lauren :)


  1. Wow, four kids under 6 and I struggle to get one up and ready and still make it to work on time! Props to you, Karina!

    1. I know I only have 1 too Beth! The getting dressed and getting in the car tantrums before work are very stressful. Imagine that with more than one! Karina is amazing x

  2. Twin babies must be insane! I only have one baby and no other kids, and she's a handful! I'm a fan of the Laney Files, I always read her posts :) Its nice to find out a little more about Karina!

    1. Thanks Lu! I like stopping by the Laney Files :) And I'm really enjoying this interview series to get to know fellow aussie bloggers :)

  3. Great interview. I'm another fan of The Laney Files - great blog!

    1. It sure is Erika :)
      Thanks for reading the interview.

  4. I heart the Laney Files - great interview Lauren! Love this series :)

    1. Thanks Mumma McD!
      Karina I hope you're reading all of these positive comments! :)

  5. Yes, here I am Lauren! Thanks for all these lovely comments you guys!!!

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