Definition of a Teacher Type

Sometimes it's a bit of a relief to just sit and type a blog post. No resources or supplies to buy, no setting up or creating, no photographs or editing and then uploading... Just typing my thoughts, so that's what I'm doing today on my first official day off in quite a long time. School holidays have started and Miss M is in Child Care. Washing is done, my floors are clean, Greys Anatomy is on the TV and I'm one happy girl right about now.

You may or may not know, but hubby came up with my blog name Teacher Types. He'd always used it as a light hearted tease, "You teacher types" or "those teacher types" he'd say, because I guess we are a special kind of breed - us teachers. (By the way I should mention hubby is obviously not a teacher). I thought this afternoon I'd sum up a few common characteristics and traits that we have.

  • We (most of us) love our coffee - there is always coffee, milk and sugar in a staff room. And if there's not, watch out!
  • Our spare room or spare cupboards at home are filled with teacher resources that wont fit into our classrooms
  • We always buy things for our class at the shops
  • Before throwing ANYTHING away we think - could I use this for school?
  • We're rule followers
  • We go above and beyond for our students
  • We don't just 'work' from bell to bell
  • We give up time in our holidays and weekends preparing lessons
  • We get excited by fresh sharp new pencils in pencil pots
  • Chances are - we are always thinking about school and our students. It's often difficult to leave work at work.

Do you agree? Anything to add to my list?


  1. I taught in primary schools in London for 15 years and this list is spot on. You totally nailed it! I think non-teachers think teachers have it easy and only work bell to bell. In reality most of my friends who are teachers work ridiculously long hours at school, and continue to work at home in the evenings, at weekends and even during their "holidays." I think a teacher's work is never done! High five to all the teachers out there!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sammie :)
      We teachers are certainly a dedicated bunch - it's nice to be recognised from time to time.


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