Our Easter Weekend Art & Craft

Hi everyone! Just a quick one today - sharing some Easter art and craft activities we enjoyed doing over the long weekend.

The Easter cards we made for family were just basic. I love the "Some bunny loves you" line and Miss M had a go at colouring an Easter Bunny (tip - cutting out toddler scribble pictures make them look heaps better!). Inside the card was completed with a carrot footprint (sorry - not the best photo).

On Easter Sunday morning we had some free time so we painted some Easter eggs I got from Target. Was so simple just to paint one side, let it dry, turn them over in their neat little box and paint the other side (please excuse the iPhone pic).

I hung them up with some plastic eggs we used for our egg hunt.

I've made this cute little Easter basket with my students in previous years and had a spare copy in my Easter folder, so once again I let Miss M at it with the textas. Download this free printable here from Kizclub.

While you're there check out this Alphabet Egg Matching Game and Easter Egg Matching Game.

Our Easter weekend was spent with family time at our shack on the River Murray, a day just with the three of us at the Semaphore Kite Festival, and today was our nephew's first birthday party. So all in all just lovely! I hope you enjoyed your Easter :)


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