Learning Experiences with Peppa Pig

Is it possible to create some real and true learning experiences and activities inspired by every two year old's favourite TV show? Of course it is! Keep reading.


Miss M was watching the episode 'Pancakes' (thanks ABC Kids) the other day, and so we decided that we would have a go at make some pancakes ourselves. It was fantastic! It was like we brought the episode to life. The language opportunities were great as we discussed what to do, she helped add the ingredients and stir the mixture, then watched me cook them, and enjoyed eating them for lunch. 

Peppa & George's Garden

This is a great episode about planting seeds and watching them grow. It's a bit more of a long term project, rather than something that gives an instant result. In my classroom we quite often plant cress seeds in little cups of cotton wool and they grow pretty quickly!


I love this one! Peppa and George get messy and paint with their hands before Daddy Pig takes them outside, teaches them about colour mixing and paints a tree from observation. Miss 2 is right into colour mixing at the moment (many of her paintings end up a funny shade of brown LOL).


I swear Miss M learnt what a shadow was from watching this episode, and now she is so fascinated! Make your own shadow puppets, look at shadows on the walls, go outside and find your shadow, compare it to different times of the day, trace around it in chalk on the ground. Lots of ideas!

Shake, Rattle and Bang

This episode is all about musical instruments. We have a small collection of our own, but if you don't you could always make some 'shakers' with plastic bottles and different items to fill them with (rice, pasta, tin foil, pom poms etc). Discuss with your child, how to play each instrument - do you shake it to make the sound? Do you strike or bang it? What a great opportunity to put on some music and sing and dance!


Ah playdough (in Peppa Pig they call it play clay). A timeless classic to keep children entertained for ages! Be inspired by this episode by making a tea set and having a tea party together!

The Rainy Day Game

This was another episode which gave me the idea to write this post! Miss M and I decided to play the rainy day game on a particularly wet and windy Adelaide day recently. She could understand the concept of finding the toy I had hidden, but she's not very good at hiding things herself. As soon as I finish my count down, she runs out from the hiding place all excited to show me the toy!


I love the quote in this episode from Pedro Pony "We can count to 10 now, but we have to be playing to do it". Spot on Pedro! Play is a fantastic way to learn numbers and counting. Counting how many steps you take, jumps, skips, hops you can do, throw and catch or bounce a ball, the list goes on.


Click here to watch

This one isn't an episode, but a video clip of the alphabet. A great way to learn beginning sounds (although it uses the name of the capital letter A rather than the sound 'a'). Extend this activity by pausing after each letter and ask your child to go and find (or simply name) something starting with that letter. (Am I crazy or are there some 5 year olds who still love Peppa Pig?)


Click here to watch

Another video clip about colours. You could do the same activity as above and after each colour, go and find a collection of objects from around your house in that colour. Great concept for 2 and 3 year olds to learn and practise.

Do you have a Peppa Pig fan in your house? Can you think of any other episodes which provide learning opportunities for little ones?

Lauren :)


  1. Yep, Miss L is a Peppa fan, although she still ranks beneath Baby *&%$# Jake (ARGHH KILL ME NOW), Bananas in Pyjamas, Mister Maker and Pocoyo!

    1. Oh I hear you Beth - we went though a Baby Jake stage - how annoying is all the baby talk? Mister Maker is another favourite in this house.

    2. It's horrendous! I feel like it encourages kids to revert/use the made-up baby talk instead of the real words. Isaac's yelling narration/singing, the stupid rabbit's goofy laugh, the trippiness of it . . . . having said that, the only things I can tolerate are the Hamsternauts because they're kind of cute.

  2. This is a lovely way to appreciate Peppa Pig and its positives. SO true!

    1. Thanks Laney! I know there's a few parents out there who disagree and dislike Peppa Pig - but I think there are a lot of positives :)

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