There's a story behind this handbag

My Mum bought it, but sadly she passed away in October last year.

She must have bought this handbag ages ago, early last year maybe before she got sick.

She would have seen it was on special, and thought, 'that's a nice plain & simple black handbag...'

'...maybe I'll just buy it and put it away in a cupboard and it can be a present to myself for my birthday or Christmas'

(my mum hardly ever bought anything for herself).

So it was stored away, in the top cupboard where she used to hide our birthday and Christmas presents from us.

Until shortly after she passed away, Dad found it.

He said that I should have it, he said 'It's brand new, someone should have it'.

Such a simple thing.

So I took it home, not sure of what to do with it. Left it in it's Myer bag, and put it in my top cupboard.

And forgot about it for a while.

But remembered it from time to time.

Wasn't ready to use it.

But now, on Mother's Day, my first Mother's Day without her, which is so devastating, maybe I'm ready to use it.

And maybe it can be my handbag.

And maybe when I carry it on my shoulder I'll feel like she's a little bit closer to me.

She'd be happy it was getting used.

And it's such a great size, to fit my stuff and Miss M's stuff (I'm over nappy bags and sometimes it's just annoying to carry around her little back pack and my handbag when all I need for her is a drink, snack, nappy & wipes).

And it's a plain black handbag.

And I usually go for plain black handbags.

They match everything.

Mother's Day just isn't the same this year.

But I'm a mother too, and that's something really special. And I have a wonderful mother-in-law who I adore.

So today I enjoyed brunch at our place with the in-laws and dinner at the pub with Dad and my family. James and Miss M made sure it was a special day.

So Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies.

Thanks for reading my story.

Lauren x

And if you are without your mum this Mother's Day, my heart goes out to you. I found these two links helpful.

Without your Mum on Mother's Day

A Letter to the Motherless on Mother's Day

PS - I don't really like this word 'Motherless'. I have a mother. I'm not motherless. She just isn't here anymore.


  1. Today must have been hard for you Lauren, I can't even begin to imagine... I think this bag will be a lovely reminder of your mum and like you said she will feel closer to you xx

  2. Lauren I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, what a painful day this must have been for you. I think it's gorgeous that you've kept your mums bag all this time and it will be quite powerful when you use it. X

    1. Thanks Karina - kind of glad to day is over with, and it is nice to be using the special handbag :)


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