You Know You're a Mum When...

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I was a bit stuck for something to write about today, but I'm not giving up 'Blog every day in May'. So I asked for inspo from two awesome FB groups I'm a part of for help...

...and these were the amazing responses they gave me (so much so that I've made it two posts instead of one!)

You know you're a mum when...

  • You defeat the research and you CAN actually multi task like a pro.
  • You think about your own needs last
  • You dress up (once in a blue moon), think you are looking pretty hot, only to discover (half way through the evening) that you have stickers all over your backside courtesy of your (then) three year old.
  • You take a trip to the bathroom with an entourage!
  • You go to the toilet with an audience 90% of the time
  • Your idea of a good night is kids asleep by 7pm and a full nights sleep
  • You consider 7.30 to be the world's greatest sleep in!
  • You debate the most annoying kid's shows over coffee!
  • You are so tired but you still have what it takes to get up and do what needs to be done.
  • You can't remember the last time you brushed your hair.... (or is that just me?)
  • You rock anything with wheels like it's a pram
  • You are waiting in line to try on some clothes and you find yourself rocking from side to side...
  • You say anything resembling "shut the door".
  • Nothing is clean. Ever.
  • Your washing basket is never empty for more than an hour
  • You hide all the good food up high.
  • You have more odd socks then matching ones even though some of them were outgrown years ago you for some reason hold on to hope that one day you will find it's mate
  • Your 5 year old grabs your brand new iPhone you accidentally dropped in the toilet!
  • You feel extreme love and extreme fear all at the same time.
  • You look at this little person and know you now know what love is and you realise that each child grows a whole new lot of love 
  • You manage to get out of the house alone and really just want to do the crazy 'Phoebe' run because you feel so FREEEEEEEEE.
  • You have a little person calling out for your attention at 6 am and there isn't enough convincing for them to hit the snooze button.
  • The contents of something unidentified and gross on your floor / car seat / jumper is more of an intriguing guessing game than an outrage.
  • The only Oscar nominated movie you saw recently was Frozen 
  • wink emoticon
  • You think you are all organised for an outing and you realise you're going to be late because your toddler somehow found chocolate
  • You feel a surge of love when you look at your child. It's special, like nothing else.
  • You practice meditation, yoga and are generally a very calm easy going person until someone threatens your child's safety and you instantly turn into a Lioness!
  • You've missed a decade of sleep #yawn
  • Your kids give you a kiss and a hug, and tell you they love you.
  • You are so hungry, you drive through McDonald's, and then park in the car park to eat your chips because it is easier than waking the sleeping baby.
  • You've been out all day with your jumper inside out, snot on your shoulder and smeared vegemite on your pants. Of course, you only realise this when you get home.
  • The hotness of Jimmy Giggle is a conversational subject amongst friends.
  • You can name all the engines, buses, planes and vehicles on the Island of Sodor.
  • You can no longer think or remember anything and you haven't looked at yourself in the mirror in a while.
  • You are rocking the washing basket on your hip or worse, the shopping trolly in the supermarket line!
  • We mums with these funny anecdotes aren't the only mums. A special mention to the mum's who may have only held their baby for an hour, a day, a week, or not at all. They are just as much a mum.

Thanks so much to the Aussie Parenting Bloggers - my favourite FB group.

In the coming days I'll bring you "You know you're a teacher when..."

Lauren x

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