You Know You're a Teacher When...

Happy Friday everyone! Yesterday I brought you 'You know you're a mum when...' and thanks to the 'No Time for Flash Cards -Teacher Talk' FB group, today's post is...

  • You have marker on your hands and paint on your shirt!
  • You laminate almost everything.
  • You start singing jingles to get kids to do what you want/need them to do.
  • You automatically cut out 20 paper circles, when you only really needed one.
  • You go on pinterest all the time to come up with fun project ideas!
  • You're excited to see back to school supplies at the stores in the middle of the summer
  • You know you are a (preschool) teacher when you can make up a song for anything.
  • You lose sleep over your lesson plan for the next day
  • You ask your husband if he needs to go potty!
  • You watch the news, and think to yourself "Someone needs a time out!"
  • At staff meetings no one looks at each other because everyone is busy cutting something out.
  • Your soon to be husband is planning on taking an empty suitcase on your honeymoon so you can bring back all the cultural resources you will find while in another country.
  • You keep every recyclable imaginable because you just know you'll need them for a class project.
  • You find glue sticks in your purse
  • You say you have to go to the potty!!!!!
  • You have glitter on your face
  • You're cupboards and/or spare room is filling up with teacher resources.
  • Holidays are only 10 weeks away
Anything to add to the list?

Thanks again to all the contributors.

An exciting weekend coming up - another giveaway is coming your way!

Lauren x

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