5 Fun Activities to do Indoors This Winter

Brrr it's chilly these days! It's right smack bang in the middle of winter, play cafe's are busy, it's too cold and rainy to play at the park - which doesn't leave many alternatives. So I tried to come up with some winter warming activities to keep Miss M busy at home.

Indoor Cubby

Firstly, we made this cute and cosy indoor cubby. I'm sure we've all done this growing up (my mum used to make ours over the old fashioned clothes horse!). She loved playing with her 'friends' in here (that's what she calls her teddies and dollies). Fairy lights made it extra special and cosy!

Indoor Obstacle Course

Little bodies have a lot of energy and when they can't run around outside or climb on play equipment, you may feel like they're bouncing off the walls inside the house. An indoor obstacle course is a great way to give them an outlet for their energy in a safe way. All I did was put some painters masking tape along our hallway and encouraged Miss M to jump, balance and follow the shapes. You could also add hula hoops or cushions and have something special like a tent (or treasure) at the end.

Dance Party

Another way to use up some of that energy and get those bodies to warm up is turn on the music and have a dance party in the lounge room! Here are some music games I love to do with 3-6 year olds

  • Musical statues or bobs
  • Musical colour search (when the music stops find something the colour...)
  • Musical groups (a great whole class dancing game - when the music stops make a group of... this many children)
  • Musical pairs (when the music stops find a partner and follow instructions eg elbow to elbow, knee to knee, back to back etc)

Cooking Activities

Kids love being involved in the kitchen, so crank the oven on and warm up with some tasty treats this winter! Christie at Childhood 101 has a fantastic bank of recipes designed to get young children involved and help in the kitchen (such as cookies, muffins, cheese puffs and snail scrolls!). The age of your child will obviously affect how much helping they can do (Miss M at 2 years old can tip pre-measured ingredients into the bowl and tries to have a go at mixing). School aged children could almost cook the whole meal themselves (under supervision of course).

Winter Craft

Stay tuned for my next post of 10 Winter Craft Activities to keep your little ones entertained inside on those cold wintery days.

Stay warm Aussies! So jealous of other parts of the world enjoying warmer weather than us.

Lauren x


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