The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show {Review}

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar makes his way off the page and onto the stage.
4 timeless stories, 75 magical puppets"

On Saturday Miss M and her 1 year old cousin had their first experience at the theatre. We went to see 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show' and were absolutely in awe for the whole 50 minutes. It was the perfect choice for a toddler's first live show. Four Eric Carle stories were so cleverly told with the use of puppets and colour.

It began with The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse. A story that encourages little artists to be creative with their paintings and use whichever colours they like! Coloured fabric, juggling balls and puppetry brought this story to life!

Next came Mister Seahorse (as you may or may not know I'm expecting baby number two and have spent quite sometime explaining to Miss M that mummies are the ones who have the babies) - this story left her a little perplexed as it's daddy seahorse who cares for and gives birth to the babies. Bubbles added to the under water experience and the puppets were magical!

Thirdly came The Very Lonely Firefly - a beautiful story about persistence and finding your tribe. Darker lighting during this story highlighted the glowing fireflies.

And then the story we had all been waiting for, the one almost every child could recite by heart, the most endearing little and very hungry caterpillar emerged from his egg and entertained the littlies as he ate his way through the week.

When we read this book, Miss M doesn't quite understand that the caterpillar turns into the butterfly, she always asks "where is him?". But she was absolutely amazed when the butterfly flew off the pages of the book backdrop.

The show has finished it's three days in Adelaide, but now they head to Brisbane, Penrith, Queanbeyan and Newcastle. If you're in any of these cities I would highly recommend the show for children of all ages. For more information, here is their website (FYI - ticket prices are for all ages, under 2s are free and sit on laps).

*edited to add - this post was written in 2015. Please see the website for current tour dates

Thank you cast and crew of the show for such a beautiful first theatrical experience for our little people.

Lauren :)

PS: Teachers looking to do an author study on Eric Carle - look no further than this post of mine! It's my most popular post thanks to being featured on Living Montessori Now.

Not sponsored or gifted. I just absolutely loved this show and wanted to share our experience.
All photographs used with permission from The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show.


  1. TVHC is one of Miss L's favourites and we have the CD with Eric Carle reading it that she also loves. I did think about taking her but she's in that weirdo toddler stage of suddenly not wanting to enter certain places and I didn't want the theatre to be one of them! We're hitting up Play School next month though so hopefully she digs that.

    1. OOOhhh the play school concert will be great! I'm sure she'll enjoy it and will be fine. These shows are designed for littlies and there noise, chatter and a little bit of crying from the crowd doesn't take anything away from the show! xx

  2. It's not pleasant getting a hook caught in your thumb when you're putting bait on. Trust me! I love being near water though, so your afternoon sounds lovely!

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