The Interview Catch Up Post!

I've had the pleasure of interviewing six brilliant bloggers so far this year, and only hope that I have the opportunity to continue this monthly feature. I thought since I'm half way through, it might be nice to touch base and catch up with these lovely ladies to see what's been happening.

January - Kerry from Kids in Harmony

Kerry is such a positive person, and she has a beautiful internet presence. My students loved the 'Kids in Harmony' colouring book and we used it in partners, with our older buddies and individually using water colour paints. Her mindfulness techniques were so helpful with my energetic little bunch and we regularly do the deep breathing exercises she recommended. Recently, she wrote a great post titled 3 Habits that Cause Parenting Block. Ever feel like you have no idea what you're doing when it comes to parenting your child? (I'm sure we all do from time to time). This is a great article for you.

What have you been up to Kerry?

Kids in Harmony is growing beautifully as we see new parents join our program and existing parents continuing to value what we do.  This term we explored tempo – the speed of music and we have many songs and activities for the children to deeply experience this from all different age appropriate props and music. Behind the scenes I am finally having my Harmony in the Classroom E-Book designed and I’m looking forward to sharing how educators and day care professionals can take a mindfulness and values based approach in their classroom and learning environments.  One of the highlights has been continuing to deliver my parenting blog and parent discovery sessions at Kids in Harmony; Positive, Connected Discipline 101.  I absolutely love supporting parents in the options available to them when correcting, guiding and redirecting their children.  Its powerful stuff and inspiring.  The Little Book of Harmony has seen itself being sent off all over the world which has been a joy to see and staying connected to you and other parent educators continues to be an important part of my work in the world.  Thank you for valuing what I do at Kids in Harmony and the resources I have created to support parents and educators to nurture values and mindfulness within their heart, home and community!

February - Anna from Bombarded Mum

The big news from Anna is that since our interview, she's launched her new look website and business 'Positive Parenting with Anna Partridge'. Her aim is to help parents raise confident and resilient kids. She has a fantastic free eBook 'How to put your kids to bed' and I've also written a guest post for Anna on The Importance of Play Based Learning in Early Childhood.

Catch us up on what's been happening Anna!

Basically, I have launched my new website, launched a new program 'How to Yell Less and Enjoy Your kids More: 5 days to becoming a more positive parent, started running workshops - next one on Understanding Temper Tantrums in July and started a Facebook Group - Parenting the Positive Way as a support group for parents who are raising confident and resilient kids the Positive Parenting Way. I am posting the A to Z of Parenting the Positive Way there now. 

March - Karina from The Laney Files

Well, Karina has some BIG news to share since she was here in March. She's been nominated as a Kid Spot Voices of 2015 Finalist! Her little ones are finally sleeping better and she's broken up with sleep deprivation. I've love reading her openly honest posts about the antics that go on with her four little tikes - often laughing along or sympathising on some level (even though I only have one and she has four!).

What's going on Karina?

Since my interview with the lovely Lauren, I have continued plugging away with my blog. I struggled at first with setting an unrealistic expectation fro how often I would blog but I seemed to have settled into a pattern of blogging twice a week and if I have a busy week I don't beat myself up for missing a post. I have got to know a lot of other bloggers through the link-ups that go on in the blogosphere and have managed to strike up a few 'electronic' friendships by contacting bloggers directly to introduce myself. I took a bit of a  plunge earlier this year by interning with Mamamia, where I was able to write for the iVillage team, who offered me some great feedback and the chance to see what happens behind the scenes of a successful networking site for women. From here I was able to hone my writing skills enough to start getting published. I am now in contact with Kidspot, who have commissioned a couple of pieces from me which should be published later in the year. I was gobsmacked to see I made the Kidspot Top 100 Voices of 2015. I went down to Melbourne for the program launch and had a fantastic time meeting other bloggers and feeling my way around my first blogging event. I have purchased my ticket for Problogger this year and can't wait to learn loads more and meet more fabulous bloggers. To sum up, it's been a full-on and very exciting journey so far! It's amazing the doors that can open from starting a blog.

April - Cindy from Your Kids OT

Cindy's blog has so many great resources for parents, teachers and child care educators. One that springs to mind was her recent collection of Fingerplays (FREEBIE ALERT!) along with lots of other finger exercises aimed at improving fine motor skills.

Get us up to speed Cindy :)

Life has been very busy as I'm seeing more children for OT which in turn has inspired me with more things to write on the blog. Unfortunately it also means that I have less time to write. Halfway through the year and my little boy is really looking forward to starting "Big school"! We made conditioner cloud dough recently but it made me so cross with the mess. Ha, I think I like "contained mess" if there is such a thing! 

May - Christine from Adventure, Baby!

I only interviewed Christine recently, but she's on an amazing trip at the moment! She has the best instagram feed of all the wonderful places she, her hubby and daughter visit. I loved her recent posts 70 Signs You're a Sleep Deprived Parent and What I Know About My Parents Now That I Am One.

What's new with you Christine?

My husband, daughter and I are currently adventuring around the world, from Singapore to Barcelona, London, New York and San Francisco. We love experiencing new cultures together, and the joys of seeing our daughter embracing the local food and traditions has been more than worth the long haul flights.

And of course, I only just recently interviewed...

Christie from Childhood 101

Please check it out if you missed it!


If you're a blogger, and you'd like to interview moi - please get in touch via email ( Feel free to also get in touch if you'd like to be interviewed later in the year.

Thanks again to Kerry, Anna, Karina, Cindy, Christine and Christie for sharing your stories and words of wisdom with my Teacher Types readers.

Collaboration and kindness makes the blogosphere go round :)

Lauren x


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