Hello Spring {Live Love Bean}

Well Spring is well and truly here - we have had some gorgeous weather here in Adelaide and the start of Spring was the perfect time to plant our Magic Beans sent to us by Live Love Bean. The special thing about these beans is the words imprinted on them, which turn into the cutest little sprouts. I chose 'Believe / Achieve' because I thought it was a lovely message. Perfect for school age children to believe in themselves and strive to achieve their goals. (By the way you can custom order the words - even company names!)

My little Miss M enjoyed planting the seeds with me, carefully transferring soil into the little pots, planting the seeds and lovingly watering them. We decided to experiment and put three inside the house on our kitchen window sill (which gets plenty of morning light) and three outside with our other pot plants to see which would sprout first (the window sill ones won!). We also wondered what might happen if more than one seed was planted in a pot - the result, was that one seed sprouted well before any others.

As per the instructions, you can expect to see a small sprout after 7-10 days, but it took probably 3 weeks to get this result you see in the photographs. So we had to be patient and keep on watering them!

The perfect book to accompany this rich learning experience is The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (read my Eric Carle author study here). We learn about all of the things that the tiny seed needs to grow and thrive, and it's a perfect way to introduce the four seasons.

Thank you Live Love Bean for sending us your magic beans to try! :)


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