The Getting Dressed Everyday Tantrums... {Guest Post}

Today I'm a guest blogger over at My Tiny Wardrobe, a Sydney based online kids clothing store with such a great motto "For all the places you'll go and adventures you'll have". Founder Amy is passionate about supporting other mums working from home by giving them a platform to sell their designs. 

I'm sharing our story of Miss M's getting dressed tantrums that we endure almost every single day. 


Oh how I miss the days when I could buy gorgeous little matching outfits and dress my baby girl in whatever I wanted...but that was back before she had an opinion and learnt that she could protest certain items of clothing if she didn't want to wear them.

I remember it all changing around about the time she turned two - we were looking for a cute little birthday party outfit for her, and came home with a blue T-shirt (sequins on the shoulders I might add) and fluro pink shorts (from good old Target). 

For quite a few months after that, Miss M insisted on only wearing clothes she had worn before, she liked her old daggy, comfy pants and tops. Anything new was off limits - so I quickly learnt not to waste my money on expensive items but stick to cheapy stuff that didn't matter if she refused to wear it. Oh and tags MUST be cut off!

Next I tried letting her choose items at the shop to see if that would make a difference - because as all us mums know, the time when they need new clothes rolls around rather quickly. They've either been washed too many times and turn a dull grey colour, don't fit any more or are for the wrong season. I was lulled into a false sense of security spending up at Big W - but did she wear any of the things she chose? No!

These days her issues seem to have evolved that it isn't the clothing she has an issue with, but getting dressed full stop. We've tried everything; letting her choose, daddy doing it before he goes to work, breakfast first/after, and many more strategies. She procrastinates, she has to sort out her dolly, or get a specific toy, she'll try every avoidance tactic in the book. Some warm days she'll insist on wearing long sleeves, wont wear a jacket on cold days, and the other day she insisted on wearing her favourite seahorse PJ top to go out with her Nanna... It can be very stressful on mornings when we have to be out the door for work and child care by 7:30!

So my little girl isn't a fashionista, nor does she love dresses and tutus but thats ok. She'll evolve and find her own style I'm sure. I really had to make a conscious effort to let things go - and pick my battles. What really matters? Being clothed? Yes. Coordinating tops & pants? Not so much. Socks & shoes on a hot day? Not ideal but she'll learn to tell me if she gets hot.

But in the mean time I'm having a baby boy in 3 months who I can start shopping for!! I've started collecting some cute bonds zippy's!

Can you relate to our story? And tactics that have worked for you?


This post first appeared on My Tiny Wardrobe
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  1. I hear that. It's usually okay except for daycare days when it becomes a stalling and avoidance technique. I give a choice, if I get no answer, I proceed with my choice, which she will then counteract with "NOT THE BLUE ONE, THE ORANGE ONE!" so I say okay, and on goes the orange one. We bought some Kmart stuff yesterday and I held them all out for her views and she seemed to be agreeable so we'll see! I don't spend big money on her stuff but I do miss those compliant days of matching sets too :) I love pink but I try not force it on her too much and just see what she gravitates towards.

    1. Glad to know I'm not alone! Maybe it's worse on day care days because they don't want to go? Or they pick up on our urgency & rushing vibes to get out of the house on time!
      Just think when they're 12 - they'll be begging us for trendy clothes :)

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