Miss M's Rainbow Room {and her move to a big girl bed}

Hi there!

This post has been a while in the making. It was back in August when we 'ditched the dummy' and not long after Miss M moved to her big girl bed. Since then we've been slowly transforming her room from nursery to kids bedroom (here's my second ever blog post when I shared her bird themed nursery). Make sure you have a squiz at what it looked like before! We kept the tree wall decal and bird mobile and just added a few other little rainbow accessories to go with her new big girl bed and furniture.

It's quite a small bedroom, and this configuration was the best we could come up with. The little gap between the end of her bed and the IKEA squares is just enough! We added the little drawers and doors to the IKEA squares to keep them looking a bit neater and less cluttered (Miss M loves hiding special things in there). I love cane baskets too and they fit nicely with the decor. You can't really see the rest of the room - not that there's much to see, just a built in robe :)

So here's how we went about transitioned Miss M from cot to bed in a few brief dot points (she's 2.5 FYI)
  • We took the side of her cot a few months ago so she got used to having that freedom and she did really well with it.
  • We gave Miss M the choice of keeping her bedroom, or moving to our other spare room and she chose to stay put.
  • We had a specific idea in mind of what kind of bed we wanted (tassie oak, light wood colour) but she still had fun testing out the race car beds in the shops. She wasn't too fussed on what we ended up getting. When the bed arrived she went along with her dad and granddad to pick it up with the trailer and then watched (helped) them as they assembled it. 
  • The cot and other white nursery furniture made it's way to the baby's room and this was all fine with her (luckily).
  • I checked out some quilts on line and chose my top 5 for her to choose the one she liked (we had already done a lot of talking about rainbows for her new bedroom). 
  • You'll notice in the photo below that her dolly 'Lily' has her own cot, and I got this on the same day as the big girl bed, so that Lily could go in her new bed too! This worked a treat!
  • And that was about it! We made it exciting and she has slept really well since we made the switch a few months ago. Her latest thing is wanting to sleep with the door open - so we'll see how that goes in the weeks to come.

Does anyone else arrange their books in rainbow order?!?! Or is it just me?
Love having this little bookshelf right by the bed

If you've been a long time follower of my blog - you might remember this post when I shared where my love of rainbows began :)

And here's an image from another previous blog post - I made this rainbow mosaic picture using Miss M's paintings cut into squares. It's hanging on her built in robe with some of her other art work.

Finally, here's a list of helpful links for where we sourced all of this awesome stuff! (Not sponsored)
Do you have a theme for your kid's or baby's room? I'm getting excited to start planning our baby's room next!
10 weeks to go!!

Lauren :)

"Rainbow Magic" by Sarah Tamblyn Designs


  1. Only 10 weeks to go, wow! I love this room, we need to transition our boy into his bed soon, I'm so nervous about the freedom it gives him!

    1. Hey Alison! So great to hear from you!! How are you going with your two little ones?
      It was a good move for us to start by taking sides off the cot to see what it was like with Miss M having freedom (she can't open doors yet so we knew she'd be confined to the bedroom if she got out of her cot/bed). Aside from the occasional bedtime battles most parents have she was pretty good. We really wanted to have it done before baby arrives :)

  2. I love her room! I adore rainbows.

  3. What a gorgeous room!! So cheerful and bright, good job!

  4. Go you! Alice went into her own bed when we moved house at the beginning of October. That's it - no more cots in the house! Frankie (now 3.5) was a flipping nightmare transitioning from a cot to a bed, but Alice (2) didn't peep. Although she did fall out a couple of times. Love the colourful theme!

    1. How funny that your kiddies were so different making that transition! Thanks for visiting & commenting :)

  5. What a bright and happy room! Love it. Tempted by that bed spread for mine who will be moving out of the cot one of these days.

    1. Thank you!! Love the range of Kas quilts for babies & kids. Hope you find one you like xx

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