My Most Exciting Interview Yet | Hayley Pearson from ADELADY

Ok I'm just a tad my regular readers will know every month I interview a fabulous blogger, lately keeping it local and chatting with fellow Adeladians. Today I'm welcoming Hayley Pearson - Radio host, TV presenter and co-owner of Adelady. I remember her from her breakfast radio days on SAFM, and often see her cheerful face on the 'metro whip around' on The Project on Friday nights. I've had the privilege of writing for Adelady recently (here, here and here with another in the works) - I started following when it was just a colourful insta-feed and have seen it turn into a very successful website. 

Screen shot of Adelady's insta feed - go follow them now!!

Welcome Hayley!


Tell us Hayley, you've achieved so much in your career - TV, Radio, and now your Adelady website is your newest adventure! What's been the highlight of your career so far? 

Before this year I would have said the time that Nova (the radio station) flew me to LA to interview one of my fave bands - The Foo Fighters! That was the absolute highlight! I was even flipping out at the fact that I got to sit on Dave Grohl's toilet. Okay, I'm a little crazy!  But after Adelady was born, this year is the highlight of my career. Starting something with one of my closest friends and building it up to be everything we wanted it to be is just so satisfying! It's exciting!

Who's the most famous person you've met? (or who were you the most excited to meet?)

Probably the most famous would be Will Smith, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Wahlberg, Channing Tatum, Angela Lansbury, Katy Perry, Lady Gag Ga... but I was most excited about interviewing John Snow from Game of Thrones!

Wow - just wow!

Can you share a favourite post from Adelady?

My most favourite ones are ones from the heart, the ones that make us smile and laugh and think "omg I do that too". Our most popular one was picked up by and that was 40 Signs You Know You're From Adelaide.

I'd love to know what play activities your two boys are loving at the moment?

We park hop. We are trying to test out every park in SA! With a 4 year old and one year old, it's all about tiring them out so they sleeeeep! (Read Hayley's Top 11 Parks post here)

Any tips for a mum about to go from one child to two? (By 'a mum' I mean ME!)

It was easy. Nothing is new. You are prepared for vomit covered t-shirts, middle of the night feeds, and baby poo explosions. I've enjoyed having two bubs SO much! Also one of the most special moments for me was introducing Austin (our 3 year old) to Alfie for the first time. Make sure it's super special and they get to meet the newbie before any other family members (other than yourself and your partner of course). (I love this article Hayley wrote recently Baby 1 vs Baby 2)

You were in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant recently? What was it like?

So much fun and so tiring at the same time. You are performing non-stop the whole way! But seeing the smiles on kid's faces is so cool - especially when you spot your own children.

How can awesome Adelaide businesses get in touch with you to be featured on Adelady?

Email us or call us!  We are all about collaborating with like-minded South Aussies. We promote businesses that suit our brand! Our filters are Adelaide/female related and fun!

A quote to finish?

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Thank you so much Hayley! What a pleasure to have you here today. Looking forward to collaborating in 2016! Keep up the great work xx

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