Planning for Baby #2 {Baby Boy Nursery Inspo}

Yes - you've guessed it (and I've dropped quite a few hints recently) - we are having a boy! It's been lots of fun decorating our baby boy's nursery and I've been dying to share it with you. We've gone with the theme of "Up up and away!" with hot air balloons and clouds. Sweet as pie :)

Here is a link to Miss M's Bird Themed Nursery and the transformation to a her big girl Rainbow Bedroom (but I kept a few of the little bird details).

So without further it is!

All the white furniture was from Miss M's nursery (cot, shelves, drawers/change table + glider chair). The strategically placed blue stripe on the cot was to temporarily hide teeth marks! 

We have roller shutters on all our bedroom windows, so didn't need curtains. I love that they make the room pitch black at any time of day (especially useful in daylight savings!). 

You can see the drawers/change table in this photo - I like the uncluttered look of the change mat sitting on top of the drawers, and when you're done with nappies, the top comes off and the drawers will last for many years. 

It's a bit hard to see the quilt, but it's quite plain with grey/white clouds on it - from Target

I love our IKEA squares (these are the Expedit ones, but I believe now they're called Kallax). Both kids rooms have them. The toy storage white boxes were from IKEA as well, super cheap, light and easy to use. 

Hot Air Balloon wall decals available here and clouds here {Etsy}
Cloud hooks from Kmart.

Pom Pom rug from Ecoviva - Miss M has the rainbow one in her bedroom. I love the colours of this one.
{generously gifted - so grateful!!}

Hanging cloud from Kmart. We decided to attach it to the wall rather than have it hanging by string since it's over the cot. Looking forward to finding a few more special things to display here.


Miss M already loves playing in her baby brother's room, and she's coming to terms with donating some of her baby toys and books to him. Although it means I have 2 kids rooms to keep tidy!

If you'd like to share some pics of your nursery - pop on over and visit me on Facebook tonight when I share this post :)

Not long to go now!!

Lauren x


  1. SO gorgeous! I definitely miss our roller shutters. Trying to convince the husband to reinvest in the new house but he doesn't see the value in putting them on side windows which is what most of ours are.

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