Planning for Baby #2 {What's in Miss M's Big Sister Bag}

In just a few weeks, Miss M is going to become a big sister, and it's a huge change in the life of a two year old. My caesarean is booked in (due to various reasons) so we know that we'll be in hospital for a few days, maybe even a week, so I created this 'big sister bag' for Miss M to open, discover, play and keep busy while she's in the hospital visiting. I've tried to think of not only things she'll like, but things that are quiet, low mess and low fuss, and activities she can do relatively independently. The big sister bag will stay in hospital until we all come home...

Here's a look at what's inside...

  • Books to read - 'Too Busy Sleeping' (read why this is the perfect book for this situation) and 'My Mum is the Best'
  • Sticker/Activity books (she's into Frozen already!) + highlighters (for some reason she loves highlighters so this will be something special)
  • A big sister T-shirt and special necklace ('pretties' she calls them)
  • Threading - a nice quiet activity she can do
  • Playdough (we gave another friend's daughter some playdough when she became a big sister so Miss M thinks she should get some too! Will just have to minimise the mess potential!)
  • 'Big Sister' mini Idea Box - these boxes are a fantastic idea, they come with 30 wooden coins, each with an activity written on them, such as make a welcome home sign for the baby, look at baby photos of family members, visit the pet shop and look for baby animals... Finlee and Me are trialling these wonderful products - and you can see their full range here 
  • A couple of treats ;)

I think it's so important that the older child get some special attention as well at this exciting time. Given that Miss M would have just been spoilt over Christmas when our baby arrives, she really doesn't need more and more 'stuff' - I think we'll be doing a toy rotation and having some of hew new toys away and changing them around over the next few months. Another tip that friends have suggested, is that when she comes for her first visit to meet her baby brother, to have him in the bassinet so she can come straight to me for a cuddle (if she wants) instead of me already having my arms full with the new baby! We plan to keep visitors to a minimum on the first day, and maybe just immediate family on day 2 - but we'll wait and see. A gift & card for her to give the baby, and for the baby to give to her is also a cute suggestion I've heard from friends who have been through it all before.

Have you got any advice for me? I've put the call out to the Kid Blogger Network I'm a part of, so will have a whole list of articles and links on this very topic coming up soon.

The count down is on!

Lauren xx

Here's the last post I wrote about preparing for baby #2 - the things we plan to do differently this time around.


  1. Love this Lauren. We gave my big girl a book from her little we wrapped it up so she had a gift to unwrap at the hospital. All the best for the birth of your baby and the days, weeks and months ahead. What a special early Christmas pressie!

    1. Thanks Cindy! From what other friends have told me, it's always nice for the older sibling to get some special gifts and attention so they don't feel left out - plus these little treats will also keep her busy (I hope!). Thanks for stopping by, will keep everyone updated on how it's going (although I don't know how often I'll get to blog!).

  2. Very good idea! We got our son a dolly for him to look after when we had our second baby. It was very sweet he called his dolly his "baby" and his sister "the real baby." <3

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