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This month I embarked on my first ever online course... Now you may be thinking that I'm crazy because I have a one month old and a toddler, but before you tell my I'm crazy, hear me out :)

The course is called 'Rock Your Goals' and is taught by life coach and writer Sarah Jensen. (You may remember this post when Sarah interviewed me and I shared our pic from the Adelaide Instagrammers meet up? Just to help you put a face to the name). Anyway, Sarah workshops the course in person (wish I had made it to this - if you have the opportunity GO!) as well as online which allowed me to go at my own pace. 2016 is my year to be BRAVE and put more effort and energy into my blog to see where I can take it! In two years I've built a pretty solid foundation and think that I have some great content - but where to next? This is where Rock Your Goals comes in...

Sarah guides her goal rocker tribe step by step through the process of identifying how we want to feel, what makes us feel that way, what our specific goals are and why, as well as some great strategies to achieve those goals - which obviously is what the course aims to do. Sarah's support is ongoing through the wonderful Facebook group and she's really encouraging and inspiring. In each lesson of the course you get a detailed email, audio and a workbook, plus beautiful quotes and social media images to use (I would quite often read the emails early in the morning rocking bubs in one arm with my phone in the other!)

Here are some key things I took away from the course - I feel that writing them here on my blog holds me accountable and hopefully in a years time I can look back and see how far I've come!

  • I was to feel enthusiastic, excited and positive about life. These are words I would have used to describe myself pre-children and I'd really like to get back there. My blog (and my job) helps me do this.
  • My main goal? To make Teacher Types work for me - and start earning a small income back from all the work and effort I put into it. This can happen in a variety of ways, and I've already begun reaching out to brands and seeking more guest posting opportunities.
  • I already have a great foundation, knowledge, something to say, a voice, and great connections established.
  • {Non blog goal} As a family we're also aiming for fun family holidays each year - thinking about the ages of our kids and destinations that would be most appropriate.

Also - I've just discovered podcasts (I think I'm 10 years too late LOL), but you can find Sarah over at iTunes as well chatting with other inspirational and motivated ladies. Here's the link!

Thank you so much Sarah! It's been a pleasure!

Click here to be a goal rocker too! (affiliate link)

Lauren xx


  1. Wow Lauren, thank you so much for sharing your experience of the course. It's been an absolute pleasure and joy goal rocking with you gorgeous. You're a beautiful woman inside and out and it's been so lovely getting to know you better and seeing you reach for the stars. Keep rocking it lovely because you're doing such wonderful things. I'm excited for you, proud of you and so grateful that we crossed paths. Big love gorgeous. xx

    1. You're welcome hun and thank YOU so much. It's been lovely connecting with you - must catch up in real life soon! xx

  2. Good on you Lauren! It's so important to identify your goals, if not it's hard to achieve them xx

    1. Thanks Claire - nice to see someone from Aussie Parenting Bloggers stop by! Fingers crossed things will pick up on the blog and my hard work will start to pay off!

    2. Lauren is definitely kicking butt! Thanks for cheering her on Claire. :)


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