The Moment You Realise You're a Mother of Two

Just over a month ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy – what a little champ he is! He has an adoring big sister, a superhero daddy, and we are now a family of four. That makes me a mother of two. It’s taken a while for this new label to sink in. No longer is my daughter the centre of my world or can claim my full attention 100% of the time. No longer can I attend to her every request instantly. There’s another little person now who relies on me for absolutely everything.

These are the moments I’ve experienced, some that broke my heart and some that melted my heart, and some are just moments…

  • The moment when your child walks into the hospital room to meet her baby brother and it feels like she’s grown a whole year over night.
  • That moment when she cries uncontrollably because she wants to stay home with you.
  • That moment when she tells you she misses you when you were in hospital.
  • That moment when you realise you have mastitis on day 5 and feel like you've been hit by a bus.
  • That moment when your husband says he'd like to go for a bike ride and you burst into tears because you realise he's been doing so much to take care of all three of you. 
  • Those moments when both children conspire against you and cry at the same time.
  • That moment when you ask what her favourite activity with her grandparent was and she says "when daddy came home". 
  • That moment when the new baby sleeps peacefully in his big sisters arms.
  • Those moments when she helps and brings things the baby needs for bath or nappy change time.
  • That moment when you see the baby settle in his daddy’s arms.
  • That moment when she sings to him 'twinkle twinkle ' and 'abc' or reads him a book.
  • That moment when you collapse on the couch when both kids are asleep.
  • That moment when you get to leave the house for the first time.
  • Those moments when you’re able to pick up toys off the floor again as opposed to when you were heavily pregnant.
  • The moments when you try your best to keep up with the dishes and washing but it never lasts long.
  • The moment when you just try and make it from one feed to the next, and one day to the next...and you soak up those days before your other half goes back to work.
  • The moment when you learn how to manage the capsule + pram + baby + toddler all by yourself.
  • That moment when you think you’re supermum taking the kids to the park until you get attacked my mozzies and make a mad dash home.
  • Those moments at 5am when you are praying that the baby’s cries don’t wake up the toddler!
  • The moment when she says to the baby “I missed you when you were in mummy’s tummy”.

"It's holding one person's hand, while making room for two others (when we only have two hands); its finding time to be an 'us', and to be a 'mom' and a 'dad' and an individual too." – 
Jennifer S.White - "The hardest part of being a parent" - Huffington Post 

That moment when you realise you can do it.


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  1. Beautiful Lauren! The sibling relationship is lovely and will continue to grow as your little man grows xx

    1. Thank you Claire! Looking forward to the time when he's a bit more interactive and she can entertain him!

  2. That moment when the big one meets the little one for the first time is seriously the best moment ever!!!

    1. It really was so special! He was only 6 hours old!

  3. This is so beautiful. We're going through secondary infertility at the moment so this really struck a chord. I hope I get to experience all of that - the great and even the not as great moments. I hope I get to be a mother of 2 like you - congratulations xoxo

    1. Hi Kez, and thank you for leaving such a heartfelt and personal comment to my blog post. I can't imagine what you are going through but reading your comments makes me feel all the more grateful for my little ones. I wish you all the best with your parenting journey and my fingers are crossed for you that you may be blessed with children one day xox

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