Babies be like...

Regular readers of Teacher Types will know that I often seek inspiration, stories and parenting moments from my wonderful March 2013 Mums Group on Facebook... Well I'm also part of the January 2016 group (Little Man was technically due in Jan, even though he was born on the 30th of Dec) and the lovely mummies over there have helped me to write today's post...

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Our 2 month old babies can't talk yet - but this is what we think they're trying to tell us!

  • Babies be like "change my dirty nappy so I can poo immediately in the clean one"
  • Babies be like "I spit out the boobie but I want it!!!"
  • Babies be like "mum needs a new perfume... Eau de Vomit"
  • Babies be like "woman why don't you know why I'm crying"
  • Babies be like "I'm going to wait to feed until I'm ridiculously tired, proceed to fall asleep on the boob and unlatch myself but then start screaming once I realise what I've done because I'm still hungry."
  • Babies be like "I'm gonna play a game with you and daddy and I'm gonna cry till one of u pretends you know what's wrong".
  • Babies be like "no I don't want to sleep today. Oh wait we have to do school pick up? Okay now I want to sleep"
  • Babies be like "you just sat down for dinner? Time to cry!"
  • Babies be like "how dare you remove your boob from my mouth, i was obviously just resting my eyes!"
  • Babies be like "give me your boob mum, I need to fart"
  • Babies be like "I haven't slept since the last feed and I'm yawning and rubbing my eyes but I think it's hilarious so I'll look at you and smile and laugh."
  • Babies be like "I don't feel like sleeping today but let's have a melt down cos I'm over tired and need to sleep"
  • Babies be like "oh you wanna leave the house?" cue projectile vomit/poo explosion
  • Babies be like "You have an important meeting to get to? Here, let me help you to be late by demanding a feed RIGHT THIS SECOND!"
  • Babies be like "let me scream bloody murder the whole time I'm in the car but oh wait is that our driveway, I'll just fall asleep now"
  • Babies be like... "I want the dummy, I don't want the dummy! I want the dummy, I don't want the dummy!!"
  • Babies be like "oh you want to sleep forever? I thought you said you wanted to sleep never!"
Hope today's post brought a smile to your face. Thanks to the January 2016 mummies!

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