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OMG - this little darling is now THREE!

Photography by Jade Kearns Photography

Over Miss Ms' first year, I was lucky enough to have a professional photographer take a pic of her each month, as part of a 'photo a month' package. In the above collage, you can see her grow month by month in a clockwise direction, and the centre photo was for her 1st birthday. Notice the cute little headbands she wore?!? Not a chance she'd wear one these days!

I love the idea of monthly or milestone photography, and that's what today's post is all about. I had a go at taking my own over Miss M's first year (well, hubby usually took them), and I think they turned out beautifully.

In this first collage, I chose my favourite outfit of that month to dress her in, and sat her on the rocking chair in her nursery. Having the same background and position is really important for consistency with monthly photographs to have a nice finished product. And I like reflecting back and remembering the cute little outfits (again - these days everything has to be plain! Nothing fancy for my little fuss pot!).

In the collage below, you'll notice she's wearing the same outfit. I just bought the same white onsie and pink pants in every size (they were nice and cheap from Target and she wore them all the time). She's lying in her cot, again for consistency.

I'm planning to take monthly photos of Little Man as well (have set a permanent reminder in my phone for the 30th of each month!). I'm using these gorgeous milestone blocks {gifted from Finlee and Me}.

I love how versatile they are - you can go by weeks, months, years and/or grade. Just imagine the final product if you took a photo every week/month/year and grade until they finished school! Have a look below at some of our pics...

{Pom Pom rug thanks to Ecoviva Australia - gifted}

Another fabulous product from Finlee and Me are these Monthly Onsies! How cute are they?
Monthly Onsies - from Finlee and Me. Shop here

We got these milestone cards from our Little Lettie Box and they are another great option for your photo-a-month... as well as the toddler milestone cards below to remember those special first achievements.

Turquoise Design - Milestone Cards

Life is Peachy - Toddler Milestone Cards

I was given this gorgeous Baby Book by my Mother & Sister in law and it has month by month pages for baby's first year. What a perfect place for me to include Little Man's monthly photos!

Baby Book from Finlee and Me - Shop here

If you are into apps - Baby Pics App is a great one for monthly and milestone photography.

It's so important to capture and treasure your children growing up - and I hope you've found some useful ideas in this post... I think it's good to just give it ago, try some different things and then at the end of the year go with the ones you like best, because it's hard to visualise the finished product.

People are always saying that it's harder to keep up with all these photos when you have your second child - but I'm trying hard because I've seen the lovely result from Miss M's first year photos :)

Happy snapping!



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