An Interview with my three year old

Have you even written down a whole conversation with your child? If you're a quick typer, there'll be lots of errors as you go to try and keep up, but it's really quite hilarious! I tried it with Miss M this afternoon...we weren't doing much else! (her answers are in italics)


M can I ask you some questions?
oooohhhh yes!

What's your favourite colour?

What's your favourite food?
Um I dont know. 
Have a think about it

What did we do today?
I don't know. Can you tell me?
*Rephrase the question* Where did we got today?
I don't know? Where? To the aquarium?
No it wasn't the aquarium.
I can't guess
It was called the Botanic Gardens.
I got confused.
And what did we do today?
We went to the Botanic Gardens.
What did we do else?
Um not much. We came home.
What did we do? What did I play? What did we play with when we got home?
I'm meant to be asking you the questions!!

What's your favourite TV show?
Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig

What's your favourite toy?
Lily and Teddy and play dough

Tell me about your brother?
I don't know what he does. Can you tell me?
Try to think of one thing you brother does.
Drinks mummy milk.

Tell me about Archer? *Our dog*
I don't know what he does.
He poos and wees and barks.
He he you're funny.
That's what he does.
"out the way" *she says to Archer*

Tell me about your dad?
I don't know what he does.
What's something daddy does with you?
Plays with me.

Tell me something mummy does with you.
Plays with me. 
What kind of things?
Plays with me. Mum plays with me.

Do you go to child care?
What do you do there?
I don't know. 
You're saying "I don't know" a lot.

Whats your favourite outfit?

What's your favourite book?
I don't know.
Ah, Peter Rabbit.

Whats your favourite place to go to?
I don't know. Can you tell me?
*give examples - Play Cafe, Park, Playground, Shops
My park.

Anything else you'd like to say
*plays music on toy piano to the tune of the wheels on the bus.


*Half an hour later
Mum I'm going to ask you some questions.
What did we do today?
We went to the Botanic Gardens.
*runs to me on the lap top
What are you going to ask me next?
*daddy interrupts wanting to discuss plans for the weekend. Doesn't realise I'm writing a blog post here.

Whats your favourite colour in the whole wide world?
Ah Green.

*daddy comes over - "I'll tell you something to ask her"

Mum what kind of food did you eat... when you were a little girl?
Um, hot chips and plain pasta with cheese and cheese sandwiches.
Oh that might be yummy! What else?
Um, apples, bikkies
Oh. Bikkies that I don't like?
Um, I cant remember.

Dont you? I remember.
Do you?
*goes off on a tangent trying to figure out a word she was trying to say... could have been thumb, a type of biscuit?!? Who knows!

Lets get back to the interview.
What else would you like to ask me?

What was your favourite colour when you was a little girl? Green or purple?
It was purple actually.
Oh hehe! And green? But you like green anyway.
You changed what you like.
That's true.

Any more questions?
Ah, what is your favourite clothes?
Favourite clothes?
Yes? Black?
Yes I like black, and jeans, and comfy pants.

We've got time for one more question.
What kind, what did you do when you were a baby?
I probably cried, and slept and drank milk and thats all.
*puts play dough on computer screen

Don't put play dough on the computer screen.

Lauren & Miss M xox


  1. They really do exist in their own little, rather wonderful, world.

  2. Very cute :-) I think I might try this with my 3 year old.

    1. You totally should Sarah! And then write a blog post and share it so I can read it! :)

  3. I do an interview with each of my kids on their birthdays and the answers are always amusing!

    1. That's such a great idea Claire!

    2. Are the questions the same every year Claire?

    3. They are Jo, it is amazing to watch their answers evolve! Here they are (hope you don't mind Lauren) -

    4. Of course not! I'll pop over and have a read myself :)

  4. I love the idea of this! Can't wait til my little man is old enough to participate with answers other than Banana!

    1. There was the perfect age to give it a go!!

  5. And not a single mention of poo or wee which is all my 2 and 4 yo's seem to want to talk about lately!! Kids say the darndest things, heh!

    1. They sure do... I was just getting frustrated with all her "I don't know"s!! I'm like "yes you do!!"

  6. So cute! I should try this with Miss L and see what we come up with!

    1. You totally should Beth! I'm gathering some funny ones from the March mums group to compile into another post. If you give it a go send it through! :)

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  8. I got inspired to give this a go!

    Me: Hey Flynnie, Can I ask you some questions?
    F: Can I’ve some more water?
    M: Sure, then can I ask you some questions?
    F: No.
    M: Oh, why not?
    F: I don’t like questions.
    M: Can we have a chat?
    F: No.
    M: Why not?
    F: I don’t like to. (Runs off to play)

    Well, that didn’t go according to plan at all. Will try that again tomorrow.


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