Helpful Hints to Learn Sight Words

This post is being published in conjunction with Your Kids OT.

Many parents are looking for new and interesting ways to help their children learn sight words at home, so today I've compiled a list for Cindy and her readers (I hear Cindy's son is getting close to the learning to read stage!).

Firstly, I just want to explain a bit about how the whole 'learning to read' process happens. Basically there are three skills a child needs, alphabet knowledge, sight word recognition and a general understand of print (eg left to right, look at picture clues, repetition, making predictions of what comes next etc). The English language is a tricky one for little people to master - words like 'they', 'said', 'put' and 'was' are not simple to sound out simply by using your alphabet knowledge. Hence, sight words (or tricky words as we call them when using the Jolly Phonics program) are a vital part of the learning to read jigsaw puzzle.

Each school or teacher may have a different system for teaching/learning sight words, however generally speaking your child will probably be given a list of words weekly or fortnightly to learn, and once they master this list, they move up to a new one.

Here's a few examples of 'word building' - which is the skill of putting letters together to sound out and make words. Children love using hands on materials rather than just looking at words on paper.

For more info and explanations of these activity ideas - visit the full post at Your Kids OT.


Still want more ideas? Look no further than Childhood 101 where Christie has compiled two HUGE posts worth of activity ideas for learning sight words. Try here and here.

I hope you found these ideas useful whether it be for school or home!


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