Beach Themed Sensory Tub!

Let me paint you a picture, it's the middle of April, and the weather is starting to turn and cool right down. This is the time of year when Miss M decides she LOVES the beach after complaining all summer that the sand bothers her feet...

So I created a beach themed sensory tub for her enjoy on these chilly Autumn days. She was given 'Beach Lily' by her Nanna for Christmas and she looks right at home here!

We included these things;

  • kinetic sand
  • shells we collected from the beach
  • pebbles & gems
  • 'Beach Lily' and all her accessories
  • Sea creature stickers to decorate the tub

I considered using blue dyed rice for the 'water' but feared it may complete ruin our kinetic sand - so I'll save that idea for another day. There's no reason why you couldn't just use normal sand from the sand pit to create the same kind of sensory fun!

Lauren x

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