That time I Interviewed my Husband for my Blog

Today's our wedding anniversary. Here we are four years ago. Best. Day Ever.

I know a lot of people say that the day they had their children was their 'best day ever' but for me that included labour, a caesarean surgery and the start of a painful recovery. In terms of one whole day that ROCKED - it was my wedding day.

And this was my best moment of my Best. Day Ever.

Cue music "You've got the love" and check out the pure JOY in my expression. Told you it was the best day ever.

The other day I interviewed Miss M - so I thought I'd give my hubby James a go too!


Now my readers knows what I do for a living - but tell everyone what do you do?
I'm an Electrician, Working for the Department of Transport.

Do you actually read my blog?
I keep an eye on it.

How did you come up with my blog name Teacher Types?
I was once warned by a wise man the perils of hooking up with one of those "teacher types" (but I didn't listen) and thought the name was a good fit.

What's it like being married to a teacher?
Everything is well organised - but when it doesn't go to plan I stay out the way.

What's your favourite characteristic of Miss M?
Her talking ability.

Favourite activity you two do together?
Red Chilli for lunch. Or Bunnings.

Favourite Adelaide restaurant?
Hard to pick a favourite - recently loved Jolleys Boathouse, Alphutte, and always love some Chinese on Gouger Street, a burger from Nordburger and last but not least lunch at Red Chilli Elizabeth.

Favourite holiday we've been on in our 8 years?
Maybe our Cruise or Hawaii - both were great.

What do you remember about our wedding day?
All of it I remember pretty well, but perhaps most notable was seeing Lauren nervous on her entry to the ceremony - not something I've seen ever before. - She looked very sweet.

This is the moment he's talking about

(James is the king of nicknames.) Share your nicknames for us.
Me - Sweets
Miss M - The Tronic
Little Man - Hans Milkman


Thanks James. Love you and Happy Anniversary! xx

All images - credit Willow and French Photography.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Congratulations on your anniversary :)


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