MORE Getting Dressed Tantrums {Follow Up}

You may remember my story here about my little Miss’ getting dressed tantrums from 6 months ago. Well she’s three now and things have, well how should I put this, changed! Evolved. She is still quite a fusspot, and every day is different. Allow me to elaborate with some of our day to day stories.

She likes ALL PLAIN clothes, the daggier the better. Paint stains - no worries! Some days she’s head to toe in plain purple!

Plain with a pocket the same colour is apparently NOT plain!

New plain t-shirt? “Oh no I don't like new clothes.” (Mum must wash all the new clothes – um was I supposed to be doing this already?)

We used to be able to get away with “dresses are for parties”, but no more! So her dad tried reverse psychology “This dress is a size 3, so you’re not allowed to wear it until you’re 3”. She wore a dress on her 3rd birthday for about half an hour.

Chooses it at the shops herself - great! Won't wear it.

Wears in once! OMG it's a miracle - she's getting better! Will never wear it again.

Me: Will you wear something new today if I get out a NEW tub of playdough for you to play with?
Her: Yes. (works sometimes)

"Maybe I'll wear this one with ice creams on it because I want an ice cream today"

“I'll wear all my fishy clothes when I go to the beach with Nanna.” (This includes PJs, leggings, shorts, t-shirts)

“If I wear this t-shirt with flowers it will help me learn to say the word ‘fowler’” – (you can't make this stuff up!!)

“I want those orange socks, not THOSE orange socks.” Devastated when her favourite orange socks are in the wash.

She had a ‘Ben & Holly’ themed birthday party and we got her a holly t-shirt with the compromise that she got to choose what she wore on the bottom half. She came out in leggings on a 39 degree day!

Her: I want to wear spots like you mum. Where are my pants with spots?
Me: They were too small so we gave them to the op shop.
*Cue tantrum.

But here she is, our gorgeous girl. She actually likes tutus some days, but only with – you guessed it, a plain t-shirt.

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  1. Haha I feel you! Although Miss L is usually willing to compromise (no, it's too hot for that one) or sometimes if she's distracted, I get to pick the whole outfit and she puts it on without fuss (YAY!) Shoes are where we run into issues. She wants to wear her sneakers full time and new shoes, slippers or upgrades are refused.

  2. Oh man, all sorts of wardrobe issues here. The eldest likes to pick his own clothes, that match. So we end up with monochromatic outfits of all blue, or all grey. The middle son just procrastinates about getting dressed because he never wants to go out, even to do fun stuff! I've bundled him in to the car both in his PJs and semi-naked to get to school drop off on time!


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