10 Awesome Educational Apps for Preschoolers

So I finally got with the times and got myself an iPad for my birthday. It's just amazing and I'm loving it (my blog looks so beauitful on the larger screen!). But of course it's bound to be used by little members of the family, and me being a teacher, I'd rather Miss M be using it for educational purposes wherever possible. So I've put together an awesome list of educational apps we have loved trying out since we got the iPad last week!


Kidloland is jam packed full of nursery rhymes, songs, games and activities to entertain the little ones. There's a huge variety of content and lots to explore. All key early learning concepts are covered from fruit to animals, from numbers to days of the week. Well known nursery rhymes such as Incy Wincy invite children to interact with the scenery and characters, and they'll be sure to learn lots of new songs too. 

Never mind Miss M's stamp on her hand LOL! So hard to get a perfect blog photo these days!! Forgive me :)

Kidloland is a little different in how it operates than other apps I've come across. Try it for free first and then if your little one likes it, go for a subscription to unlock the complete package of content - monthly, 6 months or 1 year.

Available on Apple & Android. Learn more here!
Subscription kindly gifted for the purpose of this review.

ABC Kids Play App & iView App

I'm pretty sure every parent in Australia already has these two on their iPads, but this post wouldn't be complete without them. Miss M had already explored these on her Nanna's iPad before I got my own. A favourite of hers is the art & craft station, and it's super cute how the kids can put their creations on the shelf! I love the familiar play school voices and ABC kids characters.

Currently Miss M's favourite TV shows are Peppe Pig (still), Ben & Holly, Daniel Tiger and Olivia. I love that she can navigate the app her self and choose what she wants to watch. Quiet time is certainly a necessity in our day and the iPad is a special treat for her!

Available on Apple & Android. There's lots of fun to be had on their website too.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Did you know that the classic children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar has his own app? This one is my favourite by far! It's visually so beautiful, true to Eric Carle's books and many other beloved characters are incorporated. Children are invited to follow the instructions in a variety of activities and simple tasks. They can explore healthy/unhealthy food, jigsaw puzzles, spot the difference, counting and create their own 3D animated pictures.

As with most apps, try before you buy!
Available on Apple & Android. 

Jolly Phonics

We don't have the Jolly Phonics app (yet) but I still thought it should be included in this collection. If you know that the school your child is going to attend does the Jolly Phonics Program then this will give them a great head start (or if your child is currently learning the Jolly Phonics Program it will support what they are doing in the classroom). It's a fun and fantastic way to learn the 42 sounds of the English language with songs, stories and actions.

Available on Apple & Android. Learn more about the Jolly Phonics Program here.

Toddler Counting 123

An important Mathematical skill for young children to master is something called 1 to 1 correspondence. This means that when they count a group of objects, they say one number for each object they touch resulting in an accurate answer. The Toddler Counting 123 app is perfect to help children learn this skill - when each object is touched, they hear and see the number.

Available on Apple & Android. 

Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood

Like I said, one of Miss M's favourite TV shows right now is Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood. I quite like it too. It's great to help little people understand their BIG emotions, learn daily routines and important social & life skills. Cute little rhymes and songs support the teaching of those concepts. The app invites little ones into the neighbourhood to help Daniel along his way.

Available on Apple (variations of different Daniel Tiger apps on Android).

Peppa's Paint Box

It's no secret that Miss M has loved Peppa Pig for quite some time (I wrote this post last year all about the learning opportunities that some episodes of Peppa Pig presents). Peppa's Paint Box app is a really lovely one to encourage art and virtual creativity.

Available on Apple & Android. 


LumiKids is a wonderful world of fun with several different themed apps (we got the park one - beach, backyard & snow are also available). Great for fine motor control, shape recognition, weather & hide and seek. It's beautifully designed with peaceful music, and giggly characters. 

Free apps and no in-app purchases. Available on Apple. Read more here - http://www.lumikids.com/

Tiny Hands

The first thing I noticed when I went to download an app from the Tiny Hands collection is the age guide in the top left corner so it made it easy to choose the app perfect for Miss M. Pictured here is 'Sorting 3+' and she is sorting the animals into categories. 

Try before you buy! Available on Apple. Read more here - http://tinyhandsapps.com/

And one more for the parents ... Busy Little Kids

As you probably know, my blog is all about early learning and fun activities for little people. You probably also know that I'm always glad to share other resources that express the same passion for play based learning that I do. Busy Little Kids is a delightful app (and hard cover book!) with heaps of activity ideas, organised into sunny/rainy days and sub-categories imagine/create/move.

Available on Apple & Android. Read more here: http://www.busylittlekids.com.au/

Phew! What a big list!
If you try any of these please let me know what you think (or if you already have them and love them I'd love to hear).

Lauren xx


  1. We love the ABC Kids apps and Lumikids as well. Are far as educational apps go, we find that Reading Eggs is a great one, as are the "Fiete" apps, "Talking ABC" and the "Endless Readers/Maths" apps by Originator. MWorld, developed by Monash Uni is another great one for the ipad that's good for primary aged children.

    1. Hey Deborah! Thanks for that - I'll add your suggestions to my list! And thanks again for sharing this link on the Learn with play at home FB page :)

    2. دانلود آهنگ جدید وروز دنیا برای دانلود کلیک کنید و لذت ببرید دانلود آهنگ جدید

  2. What a great list. Plenty for me to download before our next big trip.

    1. You totally should Christine! You're always on the go and these would be perfect for Cheese :)

  3. We have a lot of these apps already but I'm definitely going to download the jolly phonics app now too {plus a few others no doubt}.

    1. Glad you found a few good ones in my list Toni. And Jolly Phonics is such a briliant program for our little ones to start learning the sounds of the english language.

  4. Both ABC apps get a workout on our iPad and Miss L also loves the Toddler Counting on her Dad's phone (I find the voice a bit vague and the accent changes from Australian to American which is weird). There are also some fun counting and alphabet ones from Fisher Price that she enjoys - I download the UK versions for accent preservation, "we say zed!"

  5. Love this post, there are a few new apps here that I hadn't seen before. We do of course have and love the ABC Kids apps (both the Play and Humpty ones, as well as the Play School Art Maker, Punky LOVES creating a picture and then making a video) but I didn't know there was a Jolly Phonics app or the Hungry Caterpillar ones so they are definitely going to be bought and downloaded to both iPads once the girls are in bed tonight. I have both iPads set up the same so that a) there are no fights, and b) the girls like to sit together with the iPads and play the same apps. This works really well as it means that Zee has someone helping her with the trickier puzzles that are a bit old for her, and it teaches Punky patience, lol!

    Punky has just started doing phonics at preschool and I'm amazed by how quickly she is picking it up (she sounded out 'Cat' from a book to me yesterday, I was gobsmacked!) so the Jolly Phonics app will be a favourite with her I think. We also love any apps by Duck Duck Moose, they have a range of educational ones that cover all preschool ages, and Punky loves the maths and counting ones (her favourite is one game where they have to do simple addition to add a certain number of fruit to a blender to make a healthy smoothie).

    1. Hey Kylie - thanks for stopping by and leaving such a detailed comment. Everyone is always on the look out for great new apps! Love the idea of setting up the iPads exactly the same to avoid fights! Miss M actually uses my old iPhone when we're out sometimes but with no sim card and no data, she can just play the games. But she's already figured out that daddy's phone has you tube and her's doesnt!! They're so tech savvy these days aren't they!

  6. Great ideas and recommendations here, thank you. Our boy started Prep this year and loves playing on my I-Pad on the weekends, but I wasn't sure which apps were really educational. Will definitely give some of these a go.

    1. Hey Rechelle - how exciting that your little one will start prep soon! Great if iPad time can be educational too getting him school ready.

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