Funny Stories From the Mouths of Fussy Eaters

Hey All!
My latest post was all about fussy eaters, and I shared a whole bunch of links, recipes and ideas that will hopefully help me (and you!) to get our little ones eating better. Kids can come up with the funniest reasons as to why they wont, or can't eat certain foods as they try to bargain and reason their way out of eating anything green. So I once again called on my favourites mummy groups to share the hilarity!

  • "Only boys eat meat"
  • When I say you have to at least try it, my daughter goes "Mama you are so funny"
  • "Mash potatoes gets stuck in my throat so I can't eat it."
  • Reason why he shouldn't eat his chicken: "It makes me wee in my undies, not my mouth"
  • One thing that makes me laugh is when he eats pumpkin he repeats "disgusting" after each mouth full but keeps eating it haha.
  • If something has a sauce/marinate etc he will check if its tomato sauce before eating it. If we say its not tomato sauce he refuses to eat it but if you agree that its tomato sauce he demolished it saying "yum mum I love sauce on my ...". The colour of the sauce doesn't matter as long as we agree its tomato sauce haha.
  • "Noooooo, the tomato burns my mouth" screaming like she just ate a chilli
  • "I only like to make monsters with mash potato"
  • A: "But I don't like it". Me: "how do you know you haven't tried". A: "well it just smells yucky". (Says this about eggs, avocado, chicken, pork, peas, broccoli, etc etc.)
  • "Urgh...that's terrible stew"!! Okay it WAS burned...she's not normally a fussy eater but that cut deep!!
  • "I ate rice for my muscles so I can fight the dragon"... checks out!
  • Mr L said that a piece of cauliflower looked like monster poo and that our Monster Spray won't work on it because the monster's bum is stinkier than the spray.
  • "You need to eat your Broccoli", " No, mummy, they are little trees".
  • Used to be" I'll eat that when I'm 3", now it's "when I'm 4."
  • When H is over tired he is known to tell me there is bird poo on his dinner (Note: we don't own a bird either.)
  • We throw apple cores to the birds out side our house. On occasion when M really doesn't want to eat something he'll pick it up, run outside and throw it over the fence then come inside and say "the birds were hungry."
  • My 2.5yr old hates food. Mostly he says "nooooo" but we also get, "I don't like it in the morning!"
  • My almost 3yo likes her food to be separate... For example if there's some avocado on her carrot stick she'll say "I can't eat this, it's dirty". 
  • If she doesn't like the look of her food she'll say "I don't like this dinner - daddy can have it". She'll try and feed it to someone else because she knows of it's still on her plate I'll say no to other food... But if my husbands eaten it then I'll get her something else if she's hungry. 
  • "Why would you make this?" 
  • Last night she said: "How about you put this in the fridge for another day and I'll help you make a cheese sandwich"...
  • Me: "beef comes from a cow." Miss 6: "I'll eat my veggies if they come from a cow." Me: (white mummy lie) "veggies come from cows."
  • Miss 6: Why can't you mash mine like the babies food?
  • Another from Miss 6: Can you make my broccoli pink and I'll eat it.
  • "Nooo... maybe do later" 
  • "I can't like it" - to everything
  • All we get is "noooooowe" with crazy head shaking. But then she still eats it when I tell her she has to.
  • I had a student at my preschool, who, every time I asked him to eat his fruit or vegetables would say "but that's not my favourite".
  • Mr H started saying when he didn't want to eat something that his tummy was too "inkitated" lol we still don't know what he thinks that means. He calls alcohol "confidence" though so I feel like he has wisdom beyond his years and perhaps just knows something we don't.
  • Mr E just tells me that it will make his tummy sick. Doesn't matter what it is, that's his theory
  • My son refuses to eat sausages because in the movie Shrek the fairy godmother says "Don't you point them big green sausage fingers at me". So my son is horrified if anyone suggests we eat Shrek's fingers for dinner.
And I just had to finish with this positive story :)

  • We are the opposite in our house and have funny reasons why Miss Z has to eat certain foods - salmon (fish in general) helps you to swim better like a mermaid, kangaroo helps you jump higher, beef helps you to moo louder and some vegetables change your skin colour but if u peek it fades away!

Love it!

Thanks mummies for sharing your stories. I hope it made you giggle!
Feel free to add more in the comments...

Lauren xx

PS - check out "You know you have a threenager when..." for more funny stories.


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