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I shared on Facebook recently about little things Miss M is doing that indicate she's now becoming a threenager...

  • stamping of the foot
  • impatience "but I can't wait that long"
  • questions, questions and more questions to which our answers are never satisfactory and always result in follow up questions or repeated "why"'s
  • constant "but muuuuuum"'s
  • Fussy with clothing and food
  • questions or statements repeated over and over if they are ignored or not immediately answered. There's no giving up
  • tantrums of course over the most insignificant things
  • and the stamina of a three year old during said tantrums! Oh MY!

So I asked my mummy friends (all of us have two year olds becoming threenagers this month) to finish this sentence...

You know you have a threenager when...

  • You serve a healthy dinner full of veggies only to get asked "where's my meat mummy? Why don't I have meat? Have I been naughty"
  • When your 3 year old says " I don't like you anymore" and stamps her foot and walks off.
  • When they yell at you and point you go away and slams the bedroom door because you asked "what are you doing?
  • When food preferences and the subsequent decision to ingest are solely determined by whether Thomas the Tank Engine would eat it or not.
  • When "no" is followed by "well you're not my best friend"
  • When you have to try and explain why you don't have to wipe the dogs bum after a poo but you have to wipe their bum
  • You're told "go away mama, my (I'm) busy....My just putting my make up on" (oh and I should also add that once or twice that 'make up' involved using Texta on her face, as well as a surprisingly neat fingernail and toenail colouring in!!)
  • "No mummy! 1...2....3... Go room now!" Hey, at least he finally learnt how to count
  • And taking forever get him to take a shower, only to have him refuse to get out.
  • When mummy won't let him do what he wants and comes running up to you and says "No Mummy, go away!" 
  • You're told "mummy just wait, I'm busy"
  • You're told "mummy, I just said..."
  • When Vegemite becomes a core ingredient in menu planning.
  • When you bring out the biscuit container after specifically being asked for "cookies".... The melt down lasted approximately 40 minutes.
  • I told A this morning our activities for the day 1: play date 2: mummy has to go to the dentist. He walks out of his room a few minutes later and gives me 10 cents and says "here mummy that's to pay for the dentist, I took it from my piggy bank". Lol
  • When no is followed by No, which is followed by NO and once more, for good luck, NO! (Which is usually followed by some naughty chair time)
  • When you go to wipe her face and she says "you need to stop, that's is not acceptable behaviour"
  • When we decided to get takeaway dinner the other night and M cracked it because "No! I want to sit at the tables and have dinner!" (We take her out to restaurants a fair bit and she loves it)
  • When she says "No I am NOT finished in the bath/swimming because my fingers aren't wobbly yet" (she meant wrinkly)
  • When Mummy says no to something, so we turn to daddy and ask the same question...
  • Also every second sentence is "No I can do it myself!"
  • When your told "I told you so mum"
  • "Mum can you go away I need some privacy" while on the toilet
  • When your child asks for something "sweet and crunchy" then melts down when you offer the wrong food.
  • Or everything is "yucky" I've actually barred her from saying this!!
  • When this happens…
image used with permission from one of my lovely online mummy friends

And finally one of the mummies had this to say...

Slowly but surely the terrible twos slide away and a little one emerges who is easier to reason with. I am seeing huge changes with L at the moment. Life is less of a battle and I'm loving the fact she seems less impulsive. Although, I think many of the challenges she faced was because she struggled greatly with her sister arriving and suffered massive separation anxiety when I was in hospital.

So mummies of two year olds - be prepared. Here are two of my previous posts from my mummy friends...

And mummies of already threenagers - have you heard of the "fournado"??

Lauren xx


  1. I have a threenager arriving in exactly a week today!

    Lots of relentless observational chitter-chatter. Still pretty good with the eating although has decided that she doesn't like visible tomato so that is getting picked out. Has needed to select her own clothes for a while now. Toilet training is still a battle. Stalling is the in thing. Manners are good, lots of please and thank you. Let's see what the next few months bring!!

    1. Hey Beth you lovely regular commenter you!! xx
      So exciting that our girls are both turning THREE! Miss M sounds so similar to Miss L. Hope she has a wonderful birthday :)

  2. I thought my 2 year old was bad... although he seems to be showing some of the signs of a threenager already eek!! The fussy eating does my head in.. where has my ravenous 18 month old gone??
    Hope you and bub are doing well Lauren xx

    1. Hey Jess! So lovely to hear from you! You have 2 kids now as well don't you??
      They are always changing - going through rough patches and then coming good again. Struggling with one aspect of life but excelling in another. Story of my life! We are doing great thanks... will head over to your blog to see what you've been up to :)

  3. The fournado?! What the?


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