Helping Kids with Anxiety {Little Wuppy Product Review}

Today's product review is a really special one.

It's an adorable sausage dog, measuring 20 sweet little centimetres long. He's wearing headphones, he has a special red heart, he's soft to the touch, and he's very cute.

A little sausage dog especially designed to help children manage their anxiety and BIG overwhelming feelings.

Meet the newest member of the Hunt family.

Kindly gifted for the purpose of this review.

As I was explaining to Miss M what Little Wuppy {worry puppy} was for, I asked her a few questions as we got acquainted with this little guy...

What kinds of things do you worry about? When I fall over.
What makes you feel sad? When someone races faster than me and I can't race.
What helps you when you get hurt? If someone gives me a hug.
Do you think you could give Little Wuppy a hug? Yes
What will you name your special Little Wuppy? Heart Wuppy
Where will you keep your special Little Wuppy? How about in this special drawer. He needs a pillow and a blanket.

Check out that smile! :)

Looking back, we spent over a year dealing with the tears when I would drop Miss M at Child Care, and it took her a long time to get comfortable and past this stage. I wish I she had Little Wuppy back then to help her.

Looking forward to school age children - I wrote this post a while back about how to deal with separation anxiety. Again the Little Wuppy could be a great little friend to keep in the back pack or pencil case to help children with this transition to school.

Is your little person having trouble sleeping? Pop him under their pillow to help keep their night time worries at bay.

Little Wuppy's creator Linda has also dealt with anxiety herself, and is a teacher by trade {so you know she know's what she's talking about}. The key idea with Little Wuppy is that the child sends all their worries to him through his little red heart as they cuddle him. He'll take care of the worries so they don't have to. Linda was sure to keep older children in mind when she came up with the idea as she didn't want older children to think he was to 'babyish' for them.

The attention to detail with this product is beautiful. I love his headphones - children with a sensitivity to loud noises could definitely relate to this. There are 3 pattern designs available, and in your gift pack you also get stickers to decorate his little kennel box plus an adoption certificate and information card. You can just tell that each Little Wuppy has been hand made here in Australia, with love #shopsmall.

Order your's direct from Linda's website here -
And find her on Facebook, or Instagram.
If you're in Adelaide like me, my friend Renee from Mama & Bump also stocks them in her massage shop in Highbury.
Thank you Linda for sending us your Little Wuppy to share with our tribe xx


  1. Oh that is gorgeous. My six year old has anxiety which often stops him from being able to drift off. I might have a look and get one of these for him!

  2. I love these such a great idea. I wish I had one as a kid.

  3. Super cute and I love that it's Aussie made. I'm straight off to read your separation anxiety post now as leaving the boys at daycare is a nightmare every time!!!

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