Did You Know This About Me?

As well as being an early years teacher, I also have experience as a dance teacher...

Did you know??

Probably not because I haven't mentioned it on the blog before. Unless you know me in real life that is...

I started taking dance seriously during my high school and uni years, completing as many exams as I could, teaching as many classes as I could and learning as much as I could. The annual dance concerts were highlights of my teens & early twenties. I absolutely loved it and idolised my teacher. When I finished uni and started teaching, I finished up at my dance school to focus on my job, but of course the dancing didn't stop there.

There were many avenues in my job to pursue my love of dance - Wakakirri, the school musical productions, fitness with the Junior School, dancing with my own class of course, performing for Assemblies and open days, even teaching the older kids from time to time as part of their PE curriculum. I really loved it! For a couple of years I also helped out a friend at her dance school on Saturdays.

So naturally, I would love Miss M to get involved in dancing lessons too! She'll gleefully dance around the lounge room, or have a dance party in her bedroom with the radio turned up {see photos below} but is a bit reserved to try lessons just yet. "Maybe when I'm 4" she says. "Maybe I'll just go and look".

In the mean time, here are some ways we {and you} can enjoy dancing with your toddler or preschooler around the house - even if you aren't a dance teacher like me! LOL

Hand Kites (thanks to Mini Minds)

Look at her go! She had so much fun dancing around with these rainbow hand kites. 

Musical Instruments

Great additions to some fun dancing time. Things that shake rattle and jingle and can be held in one hand are ideal. Or make your own instruments.

Some Favourite Songs on YouTube

Songs that do the actions for you and tell you what to do are always a winner, just like The Wiggles Rock a bye your bear.

We love this one too, Move Your Body by Hi5 - they do it every week and Kindigym and it's really helped Miss M learn the moves and have the confidence to join in.

Or pop on a song from their favourite movie. Let it go anyone? Miss M loves to do ice magic with her hands. Turn these songs into games my playing Musical Statues.

Dress Up! Tutus are always a favourite in this house.

Photo Credit - Memory Bank Photography

Oh my heart!

Yoga Stretches

    All kids need time to calm down from time to time during their busy days, and its a great thing to do to finish off your home dancing lesson. Download your copy of this yoga poster from Childhood101.

    Dancing is a great way for children to get their wriggles out and burn up some energy, plus it provides numerous learning opportunities {other than to obvious music and creative arts}. Their language is developed as they sing the words to the songs and mathematical skills are explored as they learn about beat and counting in music as well as repeating patterns of the dance moves.

    Do your children go to dancing lessons? Please share your stories! I'd love to read them, especially if your little one was a bit shy to begin with...

    Lauren xx


    1. Hand kites and noisy instruments! Kids could not love these anymore! Dancing is sooo great for kids. We often try and wind down for the day with a bit of a disco. I generally am cooking to be honest and the kids go bonkers letting off steam stomping and jumping around. If I had girls I'm sure I would have bought her all the hand kites and ballet skirts in the world!

      1. Sounds liike you have a fun filled household Vicki!

    2. You know I still to this day wish I did jazz classes as a kid but my parents never even suggested it. I also wish our school had've been involved with eisteddfods and the like so I could've done that but they never did. I do love dancing around the house all silly with bub though and I'm hoping she might show and interest in dance classes later on too.

      1. I'm so grateful for my experiences Toni! I really struggled friendship wise at high school, my besties were all from dancing class, and it's so great that I can pursue that interest in my job :)

    3. I did dance as a kid (and took a few courses as an adult) and I would love to get Miss L involved. She has mentioned ballet a few times so that might be something we look into eventually. She loves dancing around the lounge room - I'm allowed to join in but Dad's moves must be offensive because he will usually be told to STOP!

      1. We should try the classes at bubbles play cafe!

    4. I did rock eisteddford in my senior year at school and I loved it! I'm not particularly coordinated though so I don't think I could do much more than that for dancing.

      1. I loved doing the performances at high school too! Thanks for visiting Tegan

    5. Put the Wiggles on and my kids go nuts, even though they are getting a little big for it. I must admit I've even driving in the car alone, sang along and not even realised! lol! To dance well would be amazing, how lucky to know dance so well! I think that's why those dancing shows are popular, we get mesmerised and wish it was us xx

      1. I'm afraid I love the wiggles more than my 3 year olds does lol! And yes I do love to dance - pity I don't do it much anymore for myself


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