I'm Being Featured Somewhere Very Special Today!

Hi there!
As regular readers may know, I write all over the interwebs these days, not just here at Teacher Types. You can always find them listed on my I've Been Featured page - but they don't always get their own blog post.

Until today.

*Insert "woo" here

Today I'm like a "woo girl" from How I Met Your Mother (all time favourite 30 minute TV show amiright?)

Because... this cute little rainbow rice tea party is being featured along with five other fantabulous toddler activities over at...


See I told you I'd be as excited as a "woo girl". Can you almost hear me through your screen?

I'm so grateful for the opportunity from the ever so inspirational Chantelle to have my words and photographs over on her blog. Highlight of the 2016 blogging year!

I've learnt this year that if you put good things out there...good things will come back. Back yourself. Hustle. Be positive. Be authentic. And be unique.

So what are you waiting for? Go there! Go there NOW and celebrate like a "woo girl" with me.

Lauren xx


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