Fat Mum Slim's ADORABLE New App!

Something exciting is happening today!

It's the release day of Fat Mum Slim's new app...

...and it's ADORABLE!

Chantelle has this way of making my day (which she's done more than once!). Like when I got a fun kit in the mail, or when I guest posted for her...or when she asked me to be one of the 50 lucky ones to test out Adorable for her!

Of course I squealed with joy!

You may already have her Little Moments app, and might be wondering what makes Adorable different? Little Moments is ideal for Photo-a-dayers to keep track of the daily prompts. There's a broad range of text and artwork for everyday things designed by a group of contributors. Adorable is specifically for pregnancy, announcements, bellies, babies, birthdays and milestones through the first five years. You can find something beautiful for almost every occasion. Of course there are pretty filters and frames. Even the logo is damn adorable.

So I back tracked through some photos from the past year to share my story though this beautiful new app! (Just to be clear - no I'm not pregnant, this is the little man in my belly). Oh but while I'm here I will quickly explain the cool colour picker feature. See how the text below is the exact colour of the lime? Yeah, it can do that.

Anyone else wishing they had this app when they were pregnant?

Be sure to check out the hashtag on Instagram #adorablebabyapp for some more inspiration and to see how Chantelle's team of secret squirrels have been playing around. Then pop over to the App Store store and grab it! It's FREE!! (Available for iPhone & iPad). 

Thanks Chantelle for picking me to be in your Team Adorable :)

Lauren xx

PS Happy Sunday! I had a fabulous morning at the RAdelaide bloggers catch up!


  1. Awww! Thank you so much for sharing and supporting. You really are lovely. xx

    1. Keep doing what you're doing Chantelle because you do it so well and you make so many people happy :) xx


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