A Tutor in a Box {The Sunshine Collective Review}

As teachers, a child's learning is obviously our top priority, and for most parents, it's their top priority too. Parents are always asking me for ideas they can do at home to support what their child is learning at school. Not only if they are struggling in a particular area, but just to give them some extra help along their learning journey. You'd be surprised at how many students actually enjoy homework and want extra worksheets to keep them busy!!

Tutoring is one option that many parents consider, but what if that tutor could be packed into a box and delivered to your home throughout the year? A tutor in a box that would cover all areas of the curriculum and cater for a range of learning styles from Preschool until the end of Primary School.

Opening and unpacking our Brilliant Box! The mini paints are just the actual cutest!
Yes that's a sticker on her t-shirt #kidlife
This is the aim of a beautiful small biz I had the pleasure of finding recently called The Sunshine Collective. Two teachers Erin and Lisa decided to take some time away from classroom teaching and bravely started up their business.

"When Lisa became a mum, the classroom was swapped for the home and instead of teaching English and Maths, she was now teaching why we don't draw on the walls and why we do need to eat more than a mouthful a day!"

"Erin now spends most days working on her computer in her front room, with breaks for swimming lessons, cups of tea, turning on Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and watching 4 year old interpretive dance performances (because why wouldn't you??)." - Sunshine Collective Website

So they have created the 'Brilliant Boxes' - put together with care, thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Nothing is overlooked. Instructions are easy to follow, the materials are high quality and everything is labelled so you know exactly what goes with what. The activities (7 Maths and 7 English) are fun, exciting, hands on and most importantly relevant.

Miss M and I absolutely loved spending time together working through her Preschool Brilliant Box. It was just ideal for where she's at with her learning right now. She kept wanting to do "just one more" activity :)

So many to choose from! Where to start??

First choice - threading! Excellent for fine motor development, listening & following instructions plus counting

Putting pom poms on circles using the tongs, counting them, and practising tracing numbers

Caterpillar counting. Great for 1:1 correspondance

Cutting practise! Perfect for fine motor skill development

Have a squiz at what comes in the Foundation (first year of school) Brilliant Box. You can order a one off box, 5 boxes spread throughout two terms of school, or an entire year of boxes (10 in total). The preschool box is sold as a one off.

Here's an example of what you'll find in the Level 1 (Year 1) Brilliant Box. Lots of hands on measuring activities with different materials and methods plus some critical thinking required for a literacy task. The activities in the boxes are always different.

Ok, so just before I go, I want to show you how super nice Erin and Lisa are. As a thank you to me for doing this review for their Brilliant Boxes, there was even a little bit of extra brilliance for me...

How did they know I have a secret (not so secret) crush on Ryan Gosling??

For more info about The Sunshine Collective's Brilliant Boxes (particular for older year levels as I didn't get into that) go here to the website, here to their Facebook, or here to their Instagram. You could also drop them an email at hello@sunshinecollective.com.au.

I was kindly gifted these three Brilliant Boxes for the purpose of this review. Thanks to Erin and Lisa for giving me the chance to share your fantastic business that I'm sure will help lots of students on their paths to brilliance.

Lauren xx

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  1. What a fantastic idea. Gosh some people are just so smart and creative. There was nothing like this around when my kids were little. I do love the little surprise gift at the end. #teamIBOT

  2. Sounds like a great idea! I will have to look them up. #teamIBOT

  3. These look cool! It's all the sorts of hands-on activities I would normally do with the kids myself, but without me having to come up with all the ideas! Would also be great for when you're going on holidays or something - just take the box with you and you have some nice novel ideas to do while you're away.

  4. The preschool bx looks awesome. love the caterpillars activity.

  5. What a great idea- hands on and fun!

  6. I want one! Something so special about receiving things in the mail too.

  7. Happy kids AND Ryan Gosling AND chocolate??!! These ladies are on a winner. :)

  8. This is so cool!!! Do you know any businesses which sell boxes like these for 1 year olds?

  9. How awesome is this. What a truly great idea. They're definitely winning with this :)

  10. Getting things in boxes like this is so fun! Looks like fun activities too

  11. Wow this is such a fantastic idea! I had not heard of this before. I love it and I love all the projects that were included in this one too. It's just incredible watching kids learn or even trying to understand this concept that we have literally learnt everything from scratch as human beings that we just so take for granted daily.

  12. Genius!! Ryan Gosling was the icing on the cake ��


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