An Apple for the Teacher {End of Year Gift Ideas}

OK OK so I know that Term 4 has only just begun here in SA, but everything happens a bit earlier in the Internet world and the 'Mums with Hustle' tell me that businesses are organising their Christmas stock, and blog posts are being written so that you can order and receive your products in time!

I'm so excited to bring you this post today - it's an awesome collection of end of year teacher gift ideas (and I'm totally allowed to share this because I'm on maternity leave and this isn't a hint to my parents at school to buy me this stuff!! But teacher friends - feel free to share!).

Your child's teacher works so hard over the school year, and it's not that we expect a gift (sometimes a lovely message inside a card is all we need), but if you do like to get your child's teacher a gift, or perhaps the class is all chipping in a few dollars to get something special - look no further than my list of unique and special teacher gifts.

Thanks to the awesome 'Mums with Hustle' who have contributed their products to this post. (Not sponsored, just love to #supportlocal and #shopsmall)


Prints and Posters

From L-R:

  • This gorgeous flower pot print is from Love a Rhino. The idea is that the kids in the class each leave a finger print on the flower petals - teachers will love it!
  • I adore this quote, and believe it to be so true. There's lots of other options too from Reef Coast Design.
  • This print is just divine, and the apple is the iconic symbol of the teacher. How lovely for your child's teacher to display in their classroom. Get it here from InkiDesign.
  • Another quote that resonates with all teachers - classic white print on a chalkboard background from Silent Little Whispers.

Totally Wearable Jewellery For School

Generally speaking, Junior Primary teachers endure a lot of paint, glue, glitter and other kid related grime in their days. We scrub the tables and wash the paint brushes so these stylish and practical silicone necklaces from January Folk would be ideal for a teacher fashionista!

Gorgeous Key Rings

Oh my I love these! Adorable key rings with the 'teacher' definition under glass, tiny silver apple charm and 10 choices of tassel colours. Claire from The Trinket Store is a teacher by day - so she (and I) know that teachers will love these. (I think I actually might buy one for myself and pretend a kid gave it to me LOL!).

Personalised Mug Sets

OK so I have a little secret to tell you - if you follow me on social media (yay you!) - you'll know that coffee is my fuel. It's my favourite thing and I can't get enough of it. But, I only started drinking it when I became a teacher. It's such a staff room culture that before school and during breaks, we pop up for a quick coffee, sometimes spilling it on the way back to class, leaving coffee rings on our desks, or letting it go cold before we've had a chance to drink it. So if your child's teacher is a coffee addict like me, check out these personalised mugs by Gifts by Cassie. (PS get 10% off if you mention this blog post when you order through Cassie's FB page)!!

An Apple for the Teacher

The apple for the teacher is the most iconic symbol - and Love Letters by Tillie make these beautiful wooden apples with the teacher's name engraved. Choose the colour for the edge of the apple to be painted, and your child can write a message on the back.

The Messy Bag (you never knew you needed)

Kathryn from The Smallest Tribe (another former teacher) says that these messy bags are the bag you never knew you needed! I just adore the colours and patterns. There's an endless list of things a teacher could use it for.

More ideas?

Look no further than Through the Milky Way for notepads, coffee mugs, coasters, mousepads and more.

So as the craziness and busyness of Term 4 often overwhelms teachers, parents and the kids, why not get organised NOW with your end of year gift idea? That'll save you worrying about it while you're searching for a Christmas concert costume or planning end of year sport break up parties. Instead of buying your child's teacher another candle from a large store - shop small this year and support a local business.

And to the teachers, thank you for all that you do. You go above and beyond. You work so much more than just bell to bell. It really does take a big heart to help shape little minds.

Lauren xx


  1. I love all these suggestions especially the necklace and messy bag!

    I actually made a suggestion for teachers Christmas gifts in my blog post today too! I'm determined to be more organised this year!


  2. I think the poster is a fantastic idea. We could get it framed as a 'whole class' gift along with a spa treatment voucher!! x

  3. Beautiful suggestions. I find it hard to find something to suit and with 3 kids currently in primary school, it's quite a bit of work too.

  4. Oh I love the teacher keyring. I just went on her site and now I want the mother one for Christmas for myself :)

  5. Love that gold apple print!! Just gorgeous :).

  6. i am always wondering what to get our wonderful teachers so this is great!! love the key ring and necklaces :)

  7. Such great ideas! Teachers do an amazing amount of work and I always feel that a token gift is never enough! How do you thank someone who has spent a year nurturing and encouraging your little one?! I love that wooden engraved apple and that gold foil print apple is just beautiful!

  8. Such gorgeous ideas. I love the poster. Haven't thought about this just yet, but you have given me some awesome starting ideas.


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