10 Ways to Use Your Honey and Co Club Canvas Bag

You may have already heard of Honey and Co Club subscription kits - I've featured them here on the blog and Instagram from time to time, and they've made a great gift to give some of my friend's kids this year. I love how every month is a different theme and all the little goodies come in the loveliest canvas bags which can be used over and over again for so many things (and every month is a different funky pattern too - we've got a collection of 4 already!).

Today's post is giving you TEN ways to reuse your Honey and Co Club canvas bag. They come in so handy as you'll see...

  • First and foremost they make the BEST busy bags to pop a bunch of random surprises in there for your kids as you head out the door to a restaurant, doctors appointment, grandparent's house, long car drive, flight etc... Or you can be a bit more strategic and a bit less random with your selection of activities. Here's an example of what we packed for Miss M on our recent family holiday.

And of course the Little Man needed one as well - just a small collection of baby toys to keep him amused. 

  • Keep one in the car as your 'emergency stash' of spare nappies, wipes, change of clothes for those little accidents that are bound to happen from time to time.
  • I LOVED this colour collection idea as soon as I saw it on Instagram (idea credit goes to Jacinta from @cintaandco). Go on a colour hunt for interesting objects around your house, or provide your child with a collection of two different colours to sort into two Honey and Co canvas bags. 

  • Use it as a travel bag for holidays to pack toiletries, hairbrush, toothbrushes or any of those types of things your child might need.
  • Pencil case! Honey and Co canvas bags are a great size to fit in heaps of pencils, textas, crayons, glue sticks, scissors etc...
  • You know how some toys come with a million tiny pieces and they end up getting lost at the bottom of the toy box? Keep them all together and organised in a Honey and Co canvas bag... even puzzle pieces would be great, or matchbox cars, snap cards, Shopkins - the list goes on!
  • The Honey and Co canvas bags are the perfect size to fit in an iPad - this is great for when you want to take it out with you and pop it in your handbag without it getting grimy.
  • Pop some sunscreen, a spare hat and a drink bottle in for your next trip to the park.
  • We are always adding to our art and craft supply cupboard, so I've started using Honey and Co bags to store bits and pieces that otherwise wouldn't really have a home! Sometimes we pull one out and think to ourselves - "what could we make with this?"
  • Finally - keep small colouring books, note books, paper, and stickers neatly inside within reach so your little one can help themselves to some quiet drawing or writing time whenever they like!

If you want to get your hands on a December kit, get your order in by the end of November, or a subscription would make a great Christmas gift!

Lou from Honey and Co Club has been one of my most favourite businesses to work with this year - thanks Lou for your continued support and involvement with Teacher Types :)

Lauren xx

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