It Really Does Take a Village {Tree Hut Village Feature}

This post is brought to you by Tree Hut Village. 

It really does take a village to raise a child.

That village may look different to you and I. Everyone's village is different - some have their parents, in-laws, aunties and uncles, grandparents, friends, mother's group, neighbours but there are also lots of 'virtual' villages out there to help parents as well. Via my Jan 2016 birth club + the Mums With Hustle biz club on Facebook I met Eva and learnt about her brand new biz the Tree Hut Village so I'm helping her out by being a member of her village and trying to spread the word. 

Meet Eva!

Eva shared with me a bit about how the biz came about...

We have lived in Melbourne for over six years and are loving it. The food and the people are amazing and it was an easy decision to start our family here. We have welcomed our little man in January this year and love being parents. My husband I have wanted to start a business for a long time now. We've been busy with work and one day, when my brother visited with his little girl and we had to get so much stuff for her, we thought: "Wouldn't it be great to just get it from a mum down the road?". A bit of time went by and once I was on maternity leave and I had no more money coming in,  I felt that not only would it be great to not have to take a bunch of stuff when you travel but that bit of extra money really does help as well. The experience of being a mum myself and knowing how hard and nerve wrecking it is to travel with a little one and the feeling of not having any of your "own" money all of a sudden really motivated me to start Tree Hut Village.  

I got to thinking about how much stuff babies need. Usually they're big and bulky items which take up a lot of room. Some things you only get to use for a few months and then they grow out of them or no longer need them. If you're planning on having another child you probably hang onto them and put them away in storage, or if you're finished having kids (like us) you'll want to start getting rid of things you no longer need.

Car seat, capsule, pram, play equipment...

...high chair, port-a-cot... and much more!

And BOY do they grow out of things quickly!

Now to flip the perspective - what about when you're travelling, and you need to cart ALL THE THINGS the baby needs with you...? The logistics of organising all of that just add to the stress of travelling with kids as Eva mentioned above. 

Tree Hut Village aims to help parents hire out all of the baby stuff they're no longer using while at the same time providing a service to travelling families to borrow things that they might need while away from home.

  • Need a port-a-cot or high chair for family coming to stay with you?
  • Want a pram or car seat for when you go on holiday?
  • Tree Hut Village can help!
  • Think you could earn some money from the baby stuff you have that you are no longer using (but perhaps don't want to get rid of all together)? Tree Hut Village might be a really good option for you. There's no charge to list your products and all the other info you need is on the website.

This is where you can register ->
Due to Tree Hut Village still being in it's early stages of establishment, if there's a particular item you are looking for (e.g. I'm going to Melbourne in December and I really need a car seat while I'm there...) but you can't find it on the site - feel free to send Eva an email at and she will get her hustle on and try and find what you're looking for.

"Hire the best baby equipment from the best people."

Lauren xx


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