Just Like Riding a Bike {FirstBIKE Feature}

Traditional tricycle vs balance bike??
That's what we're talking about today!

Promise you won't laugh, but I have a confession to make... I actually can't ride a bike...
Did you laugh??
It's ok if you did.

I also know nothing about modes of transportation. So I've called in my expert husband James to answer my questions after his hours upon hours of research into getting the right bike for Miss M (which he secretly enjoys - it's like his hobby. Blogging is mine and research is his). I was a bit worried at first as I'm sure lots of mums would be about how their little ones would go on a balance bike - but James is going to ease those worries and explain it all to us!

*Balance bike kindly gifted by FirstBIKE for the purpose of this review.

What are the options when we're looking at getting a bike for our child?

There are basically two directions you can head when your little ones are ready for a bike. Traditionally everyone bought a bike with training wheels, which means there are several stages in their journey to riding by themselves. More recently the balance bikes give us a new option for teaching our kids to ride.  By allowing kids to develop their balance before they start pedalling they have a much more natural transition to riding a bike themselves. 

What are the advantages to going balance bike over a traditional trike?

By removing all but the basics required to ride the bikes are much lighter, meaning they are much easier for kids to ride for longer and also that the little ones can pick them up (or you can when they have worn themselves out). Building the kids balance skills first means they don't have to "start again"  as they do when the training wheels are removed from a traditional bike. Balance is the hardest and most important skill required to ride and it is much easier to add the pedalling once the little ones have the balancing down pat.

Why FirstBIKE?

These bikes are beautifully finished and have great attention to detail - they come in lots of colours and have a range of accessories to keep the little ones happy and give them some options that they can be involved in choosing. We got a little teddy bell and pink basket for Miss M.

FirstBIKE use a reinforced nylon composite body which keeps them light and flexible, but what I like is that there are no nasty bolts/cables/screws for our little one to hurt herself on.

We have the 'Limited' model which has some nice Schwalbe pnuematic tyres (to match my bike) and the optional brake is fitted. The brake isn't necessary in all conditions but I would recommend if you live in a hilly area.

And how is Miss M going with her bike riding?

She's very enthusiastic and has been loving her early Christmas present so far. She's building her skill and confidence all the time - she just nees to persist and keep at it. We will post some updates as we progress and look forward to some family bike rides in the near future.

Miss M gives it the double thumbs up!


This video gives you a great idea of how the First Bike balance bikes work (Miss M isn't this good at it yet! But these kids have mastered it!).

So it looks like I'm going to have to learn how to ride a bike as well and be a good role model for Miss M so that the four of us can go on family bike rides together (with little man in the toddler seat). 

Thanks James for helping me with this post!

If you have any questions for him I'll make him answer them for you ;)

Lauren xx


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