A Ferret Named Phil {The Sequel}

Remember this little guy?

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Phil the Ferret is back with a new story filled with fun and excitement at the circus - "A Ferret Named Phil and the old Ferris Wheel". Key themes of resilience, bravery, kindness, confidence, forgiveness, honesty, and remorse are woven throughout. In schools these are crucial for a student's emotional development. Aimed at children aged 3-8, both books are teaching valuable life lessons.

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This sequel is the ideal follow up to the first story. In the original, Phil learns to stand up to a bully (Hugo the Hawk) without resorting to violence, but uses his words instead. This time, when Phil and bet friend Jane come across Hugo Hawk, we fear for the worst - but are pleasantly surprised as Hugo seems to have learnt a valuable lesson since their last encounter.

The way these two books are written is not only with the most brilliant and clever rhymes, but in a very relatable way.

They scampered along through the circus parade,
Feasting on popcorn, peanuts and pink lemonade.
But up on the hillside, holding a kite,
A strange creature stood... just out of sight.

The illustrations compliment the text perfectly. Whimsical, child like, scratchy edges with colour that brings the circus setting to life and captures the emotions of the characters (which when they're animals must be difficult to do!).

As you may recall the author William Reimer is from right here in Adelaide so all the more reason to support local talent from here in SA. I can totally imagine reading this book during the Adelaide Show time of year! We're going to read it in our Year 2 class and possibly even write a letter to the author which would be really exciting for the students.

Get your copy of either book here (and be sure to enter the code "types" and the sale will be tracked back to me which means I earn a small commission, but doesn't cost you any extra).

Lauren :)

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