Fairy Play Five Ways

Imaginary play is a key ingredient in any childhood and there is something just so magical about fairy play! It's enchanting, special and allows children to escape to another world. I love those opportunities when I just get to observe Miss M at play and listen to the stories and scenarios she comes up with!

Just a few simple materials can enhance a fairy play experience and there's a few different ways to go about it... So today I'm bringing you fairy play - FIVE ways.

Fairy Door

Thanks to The Fairy HQ, we were gifted this adorable fairy door for Miss M's room. It looks right at home at the base of the tree decal. She was so excited when the fairies had moved in!! We've written letters to the them via our Dear Little Designs letter box, which tied the whole experience together perfectly. (I also think her interest in Ben & Holly has been re-ignighted with all of this fairy play!) Although little brother needs to be kept out of her room while those glass pebbles are around.

Tip: apparently the fairy door can also be used as a great tool to help little ones stay in their own beds and sleep through the night!

Flower Pot Fairy Garden

This has been one my all time most popular Instagram photos ever! Our flower pot fairy garden. We painted the pebbles with glitter and pretty colours, planted a succulent (because that's the only type of plant I can keep alive!), popped in a few fake flowers too and painted some lady bugs. And yes of course there are Ben and Holly again lol.

Fairy Dough 

I found this great recipe for fairy dough from Kate at Laughing Kids Learn, and knew that Miss M would love it!! The conditioner must have been the special ingredient to make it smell beautiful! Mine didn't turn out quite as good as Kate's - it was a bit dry and crumbly and I later realised that I had no conditioner left! (I'm calling it a Pinterest fail lol).

Play Dress Ups!

Photo credit - Memory Bank Photography

Photo credit - Memory Bank Photograpy

Photo credit - Jessica West Photography

This one goes without saying! Get out the dress ups, wings and wands and enjoy some real fairy play time! You could even decorate your own wands...
(As you can see my daughter loves tutus but not much else in the way of dress ups.)

Fairy Felt Board

These fairy felt story boards are fantastic! Such a calm and peaceful activity your little one can do when they need a bit of quiet time, and it would be great on the go. This one is from The Creative Toy Shop (affiliate). 

Want some more ideas?

Nichole from You Clever Monkey created a gorgeous fairy garden in this post and I also love this play dough fairy world from Little Worlds Big Adventures. Once you have your basic materials, there are lots of different play possibilities.

Fairy make believe play is such a great way to exercise those little imaginations. Maybe you could try an extension by taking your little fairy to the local park?

A final thought on gender - I truly believe that boys can play with stereotypical "girls" toys and girls can play with stereotypical "boys" toys. In my opinion toys are toys, play is play and kids are kids regardless of gender. So these fairy play ideas are certainly not just specifically for girls, and I'm sure there are many ways they could be adapted to cater to your individual child's interests. 

Please do let me know what you think!
Lauren xx


  1. This post makes me want to have a daughter! Haha! I love everything about it, especially the fairy dough and the dress ups! Reminds me of when I had a fairy party when I was younger, maybe around 6 or 7?

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