Walk a Mile in a Teacher's Shoes

When you think of a teacher at school, how do you picture them?
Sitting at their desk marking?
Standing out the front of the classroom teaching?
Circulating around the classroom assisting?
Or racing around like a headless chook?

Well let me tell you, a day in the life of a teacher is a combination of all of the above.
PENNi Sandals by FRANKiE 4 Footwear

I recently got the opportunity to collaborate with FRANKiE 4 Footwear! You may have seen super stylish Insta gals rockin' their shoes such as Nikki @Styling You (who even has a shoe named after her), Alex from What the Teacher Wears (who is going to have a shoe named after her), as well as Adelaide bloggers Jenni @Styling Curvy and Sonia Styling. FRANKiE 4 shoes are designed by Caroline, a podiatrist and physiotherapist which is what sets them apart from other brands. They’re comfortable and kind to your feet, but still dressy enough for school. With lots of casual options as well depending on your school dress code, plus various heel heights and some little numbers that you could certainly wear on a night out! (If you still went on nights out I mean #teachermummy)

TL - Nikki, TR - Jenni, BL - Sonia, BR - Alex wearing some of my faves!

Anyway, this is how far I would walk on a typical day at school...

1. From the car to the classroom usually carrying supplies like a packhorse.
2. One quick lap of the classroom to start getting things ready for the day.
3. Up to the office to do some photocopying, realise I forgot my swipe card required to operate the photocopier so go back and get it. Then complete said photocopying but not before having a fight disagreement with the photocopier. #teacherlife
4. Photocopying in arms, coffee in the other hand, walk back to the classroom trying not to spill coffee on photocopying. 
5. Do another lap of the room preparing for Lesson 1. Greet students as they arrive.
6. Teach the concept, explain the task, and circulate the room as the children are working. Sit at the desk for a grand total of one minute before someone needs me for something. Repeat until recess.

7. Head up to the office to grab another coffee and stand around at the bench chatting to my teacher type colleagues for about 5 mins. Say to myself "You better head back to whip around the room like a reverse tornado tidying up whilst prepping for the next double."
8. Repeat step 6 until lunch.
9. Do approximately 3 laps of the oval on lunch yard duty - but of course these laps aren't circular – I have to criss cross and move from group to group monitoring behaviour and dealing with disagreements about soccer.
10. End of yard duty - head back to the classroom to get lunch and then up to the office to have a quiet place to actually eat it. The end of lunch comes way too quickly!
11. On the way back to class, check pigeon hole for notices to be given out.
12. Repeat step 6 until home time.
13. Dismiss the students, and then whip around the classroom again cleaning and tidying for the next day.
13. Pack up - head back to the car carrying your bag plus a pile of books to be marked, swing by the office to say goodbye to a colleague.
14. Made it! And after all that walking my feet feel amazing because I was wearing my FRANKiE 4s

I wish I wore a pedometer so I knew how many steps that was!!

This is me on my first day back (wearing my PENNi sandals and my nervous smile). Kindly gifted for the purpose of this feature (not sponsored). Thanks to the team at FRANKiE 4!
Lauren xx


  1. Fabulous post and yes get that pedometer!

  2. The comfy shoes are usually not very stylish, so it's always GREAT to find comfy shoes that look good too!

  3. ooooo...these look great and I completely understand (as an 'old' teacher) just how much you need some comfy, yet fabulous treads!

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