Nature Play at it's BEST {Wild Imagination}

This post is sponsored by Wild Imagination. All opinions are my own.

It was a few weeks ago now that Miss M, some friends and I attended Wild Imagination - a nature play event in the Adelaide parklands. A unique vacation care program like no other, which also opened up for "family days" to cater for the under school aged children to come along with their parents. We were not disappointed! It was absolutely amazing and I could not fault it at all. It was the actual BEST.

Miss M and her friends were kept busy with the huge variety of activities for three hours! No waiting in lines with plenty of nature play experiences to do. It was really well organised and staff were always nearby to help and guide where required. I cannot express how awesome it is that an organisation is embracing nature play whole heartedly. Wild Imagination's mission is to encourage our children to get back into nature play and experience all it has to offer. All the things that we used to do when we were kids before anyone had an iPad addiction.

Miss M's first time on a tyre swing. 

So here's a little run down of all of the fun nature play activities that we could do during our time there.

Flower Ice Excavating. This would be awesome on a warm day and the kids kept coming back to this activity. 

Mud painting with flowers. It's amazing what you can do with nature's paint brushes. 

Twig and pinecone craft with wool (this was the first thing Miss M wanted to recreate when she got home!)

Swinging from the trees. Who had one of these in their backyard growing up?

Another favourite of Miss M's, potion making! The materials provided for this experience were amazing. Mortar and pestle, ladles, spoons, bowls jars and more!

Tree climbing was encouraged! And there were plenty of them!

Play with clay. Again, the attention to detail in the materials was impressive.

The highlight of the event would have to have been the mud puddle! I don't know how they got it to the most glorious consistency but they did and it was amazing! Now my little miss doesn't love to get too messy - so she didn't like it when another kid accidentally splattered her, but she certainly enjoyed getting her feet muddy. A special hose off area was provided and of course everyone knew to bring a spare change of clothes. 

Due to it's success Wild Imagination is coming back in the April school holidays! Go here for all the dates tickets are on sale NOW! (Click here). I highly recommend it whether you want to take your little ones, or drop off your big kids for a kid only day. Oh and they have coffee (!!!!). 

Want to know more? Check out this clip which will give you all the extra info you need to know. 

Wild Imagination - we cannot wait to come again and get muddy with you in April. We love what you're all about and want to help spread the word!

Lauren xx

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