Following Up With The Sunshine Collective {GIVEAWAY}

Since I went back to work, Miss M has been super interested in "school work". She wants to know what the kids do all, day. I bring home spare worksheets for her to colour in and our dining table has quickly been taken over by "art". Endless pieces of paper, mini books, crayons and pencils, scissors and glue. And the best part is that she wants to learn! Her pictures are really starting to look like actual things with more detail. She explains what she's drawn and writes her name and numbers. She draws treasure maps and then we go on adventures in the back yard, and tick things off our scavenger hunt list as we go.

And she's almost four! It really is an awesome age!

Do you remember this product review I did for The Sunshine Collective? In particular we worked our way through the Preschool box, ideal for Miss M's age. Well on Friday afternoon we zipped to the post office before they closed to pick up our Foundation (reception/prep/first year of school) box to try out. Keep reading to find out how you can win one tailer made for your child.

Miss M just couldn't get enough of it! She was so eager to try everything out and do one activity after the next.
Here's just a quick example of some of the activities...

  • Writing your name and drawing a picture of yourself, using scrap material for clothes
  • Butterfly handprints
  • Dot to dots
  • Memory game with number flashcards and sequencing them
  • Counting objects and recording the number
  • Drawing the given number of objects
  • If I was a superhero... (Miss M said her super power would be to freeze things and she would like to fly!)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • And there is much more than this! Play dough, dice,  and get active cards. We still have more to do!

Now for the great news! The Sunshine Collective and I are teaming up for a giveaway! You could win a 'Custom' Brilliant box - designed especially for your child's learning needs. This means you can provide us with your child's age, year level, interests, and if they're having any particular challenges, or simply an area of learning you'd like them to focus on. The Sunshine ladies will take care of the rest! Pop over to Instagram or Facebook to enter.

Thanks so much to Erin and Lisa from The Sunshine Collective for collaborating with me once again and for being one of my lovely and loyal blog sponsors. xx



  1. I really want to try out these boxes, I love everything the girls put together in their boxes. I think bub would really love them.

  2. A wonderful idea! So helpful for parents who are busy or don't know where to start with making learning fun for their kids!

  3. Looks like a great pack for little ones!

  4. These look so brilliant! My just turned 4 year old is also obsessed with school since the older kids at her daycare left for big school last year, and she would love something like this.


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