The Story of the Bare Footed Ring Bearer

You might have seen on my Instagram that we recently celebrated my brother's wedding! And Miss M had a special job of being the ring bearer.

So let me tell you the story of how the bare footed ring bearer came to be...

The wedding took place in a beautiful garden within a forest just out of Mount Gambier. So much fun for the kids to run around and explore! As to be expected Miss M was keeping herself busy before it all began. Now my child is not one to wear dresses. Tutus are ok, but she never wears dresses. This one she has on was $7 from Target (I think because it was from last season and the only one left was a size 5 so it's a bit long) - but she liked it and was happy with the feel of it. She insists she only wears dresses to weddings now lol. Fancy shoes are quite the same. She likes her daggy old comfy shoes - but for the wedding she picked a pair of glittery sandals and our compromise was that if she wore the fancy shoes to the ceremony, she could wear her comfy ones to the party afterwards.

All was going well until we were sitting down when it had all started. James looked down and noticed that she had flipped her feet out of the front part of the sandal, and they were just hanging on around her ankles. I was holding onto the ring cushion, James was holding the camera. I figured we had three choices;
  • try and get them back on but risk her complaining and making a fuss during the ceremony,
  • let her walk up there with her shoes half on and risk her tripping and dropping the rings,
  • or let her go up as the bare footed ring bearer. 
I suppose you can guess which option we went with...

Now to our surprise she didn't just hand the little cushion over. She handed Richard his ring and Caitlin her's (which they had to discretely swap lol). And she did it without dropping them - phew!

So in years to come when family members are looking back at Richard and Caitlin's wedding photos, please know that I did put shoes on my child.

Meanwhile - check out how proud of herself she is in this photo!

Has your child ever found themselves in a strange situation bare footed?
Lauren x

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  1. So proud of herself! Well done Miss M! P.S lots of people take their shoes off at weddings teehee ��


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