Lovely Blocks By {The Little Wooden}

It makes my heart happy to support a local biz mum who hand makes her products. Erica from The Little Wooden and I met up at a play cafe last month and our little ones had a lovely time (she is also expecting number two which is very exciting!). We got to sample her story blocks and geo pattern blocks (gifted for the purpose of this review) and I'd love to share a few of our play and activity ideas!

The first thing that came to my mind with the story blocks was to find matching objects from around the house. We have the bird, butterfly, cloud, flower, heart and feather, but there are lots of other options available. This then became the start of our play set up as we added some more (random) objects.

Blocks are one of the best open ended toys with so many possibilities for play. Line them up, stack them up, knock them down, match them, count them, add to them, play with them...
Here Miss M is stacking and carefully counting whilst trying to balance the Panda (from Click Clack Toys) on top!

A lovely way that I extended her use of the story blocks was to ask her two draw what she saw (she is so into drawing at the moment). She then told me a story about her picture... "the little bird found a cloud and jumped on the cloud, jumped on the love heart, and jumped on the flower and jumped on the butterfly". Then the story went in reverse and it was the butterfly's turn to jump around! We'll definitely be doing this activity again. For older children, these blocks would be a great story writing prompt.

Blocks are a fantastic toy for all ages! Little Man is at the age where he's learning how to build towers (although he was a bit confused why they didn't attach like Duplo bricks he is currently obsessed with). He and Miss M got into the swing of their play when she built the tower and he knocked it over (patience is a skill he is still learning lol). 

When they're not being played with, the Little Wooden geo blocks are a gorgeous decor item on Little Man's Kmart cloud shelf in his room. I'm always changing what goes up here, and he'll often point and try to tell me that he wants to get them down for play time!

Erica also has an "ABC 123" set of blocks and custom orders for personalised name sets of blocks are welcome. They're of such a beautiful quality and a hand made product is just that little more special.

Shop here on Etsy, visit her on Facebook or Instagram.


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