#PegPeopleOnTour + Giveaway

It was all fun an games over on Instagram last month! Liv (aka Eenie Meenie Miney Mum) challenged me to take photos of these cute Rainbow Friends (from The Creative Toy Shop) in random places purely for her own amusement. But then it turned into a photo challenge - each trying to out do each other with the crazy and sometimes iconic places these little guys ended up. It's been sooooo much fun, and we've both gotten a few weird looks along the way (doesn't look so weird when you have your kids with you because the rainbow friends are totally for them ;)). 

So in case you missed it on Instagram, my little friends have travelled to...
Mawson Lakes,

Cibo's at Tea Tree Plaza,

The Malls Balls (obviously), 

And even to Mount Gambier

Be sure to check out Liv's photos on Instagram!

Of course when the rainbow friends aren't galavanting around the countryside and getting into mischief, they are a brilliant toy to add to your collection. Great for imaginative play, an addition to your dolls house, perfect for small worlds or to pop in busy bags and play with in restaurants.

We've hinted throughout this challenge that at the end of it we were going to have a giveaway and the time has come! Brianna from The Creative Toy Shop is ever so kindly donating a set of Grimm's Rainbow Friends (set of 12) to one lucky winner. Here's what you have to do to enter
  • Follow us (myself, Liv and The Creative Toy Shop) on Instagram and scroll through our feeds and "like" each photo where you see the Rainbow Friends (hint - search the hashtag #pegpeopleontour to make it easier).
  • (if you don't have Instagram, that is totally fine you can still enter)
  • Leave us a comment either here on the blog, or on Instagram (look for the 'WIN' image) and simply tell us which photo of the peg people challenge was your favourite and why!
Can't wait to see the adventures that the winner's peg people will get up to!

Lauren xx

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