Little Lion Boutique {Feature}

This post is kindly sponsored by Little Lion Boutique. All opinions are my own :)

I've been so pleased to feature some beautiful local Adelaide businesses lately - and today I'd like to introduce you to Little Lion Boutique. They have some lovely things for babies, toddlers and preschoolers including clothing, play mats, toys, teethers, blankets and more. I recently blogged for them and shared my 5 favourite educational toys from their website - check it out here.

It is also thanks to Little Lion Boutique that I discovered (and fell in love with) the brand Make Me Iconic. The coolest funkiest and uniquely "Aussie" toys I've come across. Firstly this 4 piece watermelon puzzle is magnetic and there's a super cute surprise inside which adds an extra element when your child is putting it back together.

Watermelon Puzzle - SHOP HERE

Even the Little Man likes playing with this one. It alternates between our play kitchen and wooden toy + puzzle area. Similar donut and ice cream puzzles are also in stock at Little Lion Boutique. 

Miss M is currently obsessed with ALL THE LITTLE THINGS!! And it's driving me slightly crazy that I can't keep up with them all. Toozies, Num Noms, Shopkins, Splashlings??? The cute fairy bread purse (also by Make Me Iconic) is the perfect special place to keep them safe from her little bro. As well as the fairy bread purse, you can also get a watermelon or a pretzel depending on what you're in the mood for ;)

Sequin Fairy Bread Purse - SHOP HERE

Melbourne friends will especially LOVE the mini tram and ferry! So iconic as the brand name suggests. The great thing with these is that they'll fit on regular train tracks (ours is just from IKEA). The tram also comes in a large version with 12 little wooden passengers inside it. 

Here's just a little glimpse of some other special things you can find...

Mel is the biz mum behind Little Lion Boutique and I got to know her a little better over our emails, and asked her to answer 10 fast facts about herself... and I realised we have a lot in common!
  • How many kids? Ages? 3 kids. Girl aged 3 and boy/girl twins 20 months.
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee, coffee and more coffee.
  • What TV show are you currently binge watching? Grey's Anatomy.
  • Is Little Lion Boutique your full time job or your side hustle? Full time job along with the three kids.
  • Any significance to the name Little Lion Boutique? I love how strong lions are and how they stay together in their pride. I like the idea that we are providing for our little lions and that's how the name came about. 
  • Secret food indulgence? Spicy Asian food.
  • Favourite season? Spring, gives hope that the freezing winter is over.
  • Crows or Port? Crows!
  • Why do you love Adelaide? I love that everyone knows everyone and that nothing is further than 20 mins away.

Thank you so much Mel for reaching out to me to collaborate and share some of your beautiful products.

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Until next time!
Lauren xx

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