Games & Story Telling {My Little Set}

Hi everyone!
The blog has been a little quieter than normal this month, I've been busy at work taking on some extra relief days in a variety of classes across the school (which I've been loving) and of course the kids can be a handful when we're at home!

So today I'm pleased to bring you another brilliant product review with a focus on early learning (by the way if you're ever interested in browsing the other product reviews I've done, just look for the "review" label on my side bar, or if you're on mobile, scroll to the end and you should find it). 

We were recently sent two "My Little Set" sets of wooden discs that I'd love to share with you (kindly gifted for the purpose of this review).

Memory Match Little Set

The classic card game has been transformed into a beautiful on trend and easy to handle material for little hands. I remember playing this as a kid! You turn all of the discs over and take turn to flip them the right way up and look for the matching pairs. We slightly modified the memory match game to make it easier, one player was allowed to turn over as many as they wanted to find the matching shape before the next player had a turn. Jasmine from My Little Set tells me that there is a new shapes set in the works where all the shapes are the same colour - making it that bit more challenging.

There's a great variety of pictures to choose from for memory match sets such as animals, super heros, fruit and flowers just to name a few. I chose the shapes set to revise names and features of the shapes with Miss M before she starts school.

Story Tellers Little Set

A letter, a delivery truck, en elephant, a giraffe, a snake, a lion, a frog, a camel, a monkey and finally a puppy. Have you guessed the well known kid's book?

Dear Zoo of course! This book is one of our favourites and that's why I knew it would be perfect. We spent time putting the animals in order and remembering the words "the were too....". The story board was ideal to place the discs in to keep everything in the right order (story board sold separately to the discs).

As well as the well known classics such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs, you can also get more open ended story telling sets such as fairy tales, at the beach and on the farm. Ideal if there is a particular theme you are focusing on with your child to encourage them to learn through play at home.

The wooden discs are 5cm in diameter and the images are transferred onto the timber. They are a lovely quality and lovely to handle. I'm planning on keeping ours as part of a busy bag for restaurant outings and long drives and our upcoming holiday!

Visit the My Little Set Etsy shop here!

Lauren x

PS for more fun story telling resources - check out the Hello Pear story stones, and the My Little Wooden story telling blocks.


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