Toy Storage Ideas With Play Pouch

Is this story familiar to you?

Kid digging through the huge tub of lego.
"Mum, I need the skinny red piece..."
Mum helps kid to find the exact piece they want.
1 minute later...
"Mum, I need the blue square piece."
Mum helps kid to find it
"Mum I can't find the ..."
*Tantrum imminent
Kid tips out entire tub of lego to find the piece they want. 
Later on mum ends up stepping on lego, followed by cleaning it up when kids have gone to bed. 

Well I've discovered a solution to this ever so common problem of where and how to store your gigantic collection of Lego and/or Duplo. Introducing the Play Pouch!
*Kindly gifted for the purpose of this review

We are loving it! It's making Duplo play time and pack up time so much easier. Because all of the generous size of the original Play Pouch, all of the lego is visible, so it's much easier to find that exact piece you are looking for. It's strange that our collection doesn't look as big all spread out on the play pouch compared to the tub - think we could even add some more ;)


I love watching my kids play Duplo. It's something they can genuinely do together. There's enough pieces for both of them, Little Man is able to join the pieces together, and Miss M is starting to get more tolerant if he interferes with her creations. Check out Little Man in the photo above looking for just the piece he needs. 

The pouch has a great gathered edge which contains all of the lego, and when you are ready to pack it up all you have to do is life and pull the draw string and it all stays inside.

The 'original' play pouch measures 145 cm in diameter when open and is available in emerald green (pictured), black, red, mustard, pink, two shades of blue as well as some super on trend prints. You can also opt for the mini pouch which would make the perfect busy bag, or the water proof aqua pouch - ideal for beach and pool trips!

Here's a list we brainstormed of other toys you could use to store in them
  • Dress ups
  • Building blocks
  • Picnics
  • Train sets
  • Soft toys and teddies
  • Baby toys
  • Barbies and dolls (and all of those accessories that come with them!)
  • Mobilo and other construction materials

What about in the classroom?

The original Play Pouch is large enough for a small group of up to 10 students to sit around the edge and work on their Lego projects. I could even imagine using one of these for PE with enough balls inside for one between two kids!

Such a nifty product - so handy, well designed, sturdy, practical and on trend.

Shop here - or visit the website and click "stockists" to see if there's a some somewhere near you and save on postage!

Lauren xx


  1. I used to work with one of the Kates who own this business - and the only reason I know that is because I ran into her at the Telstra awards and this is what she's doing now! Such a great product.

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